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We all have dreams, right? Big, lofty goals… things we want to accomplish in life. And just as we like to dream, it’s also important to pass that thought process onto our kids. But how do you do that? And how do you deal with “failure” if things don't turn out as planned?

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  • Kid Entrepreneurs with Ty Allan Jackson

    We all want our kids to be successful in life. But do they have that entrepreneurial spirit? How do you get their gears turning about the possibilities? Learn more from children's book author, Ty Allan Jackson.

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Sunny Gault 0:00
We all have big dreams, right? These big lofty dreams of ours that we want to accomplish in life. And just as we dream, we want our kids to dream as well. We want them to think big. And we want to pass that thought process that we have as adults on to our kids, right? Well, how do we do that? I'm Sonny with new mommy media. And I'm here with Ty Allan Jackson. He's a children's book author and a motivational speaker. Hey, Ty, thanks for being with us today.

Ty Allan Jackson 0:24
Hey, Sunny, I am so so happy to be here. Thanks for having me.

Sunny Gault 0:28
Absolutely. So Ty, we all want our kids to think big, I'm kind of a obvious question. But I'd love to hear your answer on this. Why is that important? Like, you know, why do we want them to think as big as they possibly can? How does that help?

Ty Allan Jackson 0:43
You know, oh, my gosh, that is such a big broad question. Um, it is. You know, I think in this day and age, when kids are so, so visually centric, whether it's YouTube, or Netflix, or, you know, video games, I think they're constantly inundated with images that they're given, as opposed to creating their own. And I think the more that we encourage our kids to dream, whether we provide them with books, or give them a sense of creativity, it allows them to kind of create their own universe, and, and, and be their own person to like, discover the planet their own way, you know, and there's 7 billion people on this planet, and none of us see the world quite the same. And so you know, the more objective we have our children, the more open minded we have our children, the more we allow them to be creative, and forward thinking, the more they see the world for what it is, it's this big, beautiful, diverse place with so many scopes and landscapes of different foods and cultures and energy. And, and that's why I think it's so important for our children to get out, get outside, get trapped to travel and see the world. And, and, and allows them and us to get outside of what you just said in the hood when I was living in the project projects in the Bronx, get out of your 16 blocks, and get to see what's out there out into the world. And so yeah, having our kids dream big, is also aligned with having to live big.

Sunny Gault 2:21
Yeah, totally. It's so funny, you said that, because one of the things that my family likes to do, there is a family on YouTube, they have their own YouTube channel, and I'll give them a little plug here. It's called "Tryin' Something New". And they took their kids out of traditional school, I think it was like a couple years ago, and they have been traveling the world. I think now they might be on a boat. So they rented this boat, and they're living on a boat, but they would just go to different countries, and they would live in those countries. And for a while they had an RV that they were taking around. But they just they just experienced life. And some people kind of question that, you know, they're like, oh, their kids aren't in school, or whatever. And I'm thinking, Do you know what kind of education those kids are getting? Like they are seeing the real world? Because the real world isn't necessarily what you read on a piece of paper. It's what you experience? And my husband, I watched it and we're like, could we do that? I don't know, could we, that would be really good to actually do something like that. But that's just one example of them, encouraging their kids to think in a different way and to think as big as they possibly can.

Ty Allan Jackson 3:31
Yeah, I don't think there's a greater education than the one that you get outside of the school walks. I mean, that's the the greatest education happens in life when the sun is touching your face on whatever side of the planet that you're on, and the people that you're engaging with when you're doing that. So, golf clap for those that family, I don't know who they are, but I'm certainly gonna go and follow them. I appreciate anyone that can get out of the, you know, the dynamic of what our culture says we're supposed to do, and just, you know, find their own way of, of living life. I can't wait to see what those kids become in their future and like, that are experiencing the world in such a profound and broad way. I mean, that's education. I would gladly turn over outside of going for PS or high school, whatever, whatever. Yeah, well, yeah. Yeah. But I want to see if they'll adopt me.

Sunny Gault 4:28
Exactly. Yeah, I think we all do. Ty, what about failing or quote unquote, I don't want to call it failing, quote, unquote, failing at something. Because when we encourage our kids to think superduper big, then there's always that risk of not achieving whatever you set out to do. And we'll say just like in my own life, sometimes I'll do like a new project or something like that. And people are like, wow, those are really big goals. And I always tell them, I'm like, if this is, you know, my big goal I might not completely hit that. But, I might hit here, which is better than you know what other people might aim for down here. So it always, it always lifts me up and gets me closer to that even if I don't hit it exactly.

Ty Allan Jackson 5:15
I can tell you, as an entrepreneur, two of my favorite allies are fear and failure. Those are two of the things that I actually love the most, because I never learned more than when I'm fearful of something, and conquer it. And when I fail at something, and get over it, and so those are two of the biggest, like every fear and failure, I literally tell the universe, thank you, thank you for this lesson, thank you for this gift, thank you for this opportunity, the fear may allow me to go maybe that's not the direction that I want. Or even better, I love being scared. I love the opportunity, when I'm nervous about something that tells me I'm moving in the right direction. Because we should all be uncomfortable getting uncomfortable. I mean, like, you know, like when when you go to the gym and you work out your muscles, the next day, your body sore, you know what that is growth. Fear and growth are synonymous like that's, that's what growth is and failures, the exact same thing, like we need to fail, we need to skin our knee. That's how we get back on that bike and get on it so that we can be successful at it. And so yeah, I think when we talk to our children about fear and failure as as allies and not adversaries, then kids will say every time that they fail on something like wow, I know exactly what I did wrong. And next time, I know I can get it right. Or if I'm really fearful of something, maybe I need to be more informed about it so that I have a better understanding of what it is, or I just need to pull back away. But both fear and failure are the greatest allies if you're going to become successful in life, because there are no successful entrepreneurs in the history of humanity that have not failed or been fearful.

Sunny Gault 6:55
It's interesting, because we don't always hear about their failures. We hear about the success stories, right? But how many times did they try, you know, to make a light bulb before you know, they actually succeeded? We don't hear about all the failure stuff. But it's funny, you said that because was just the other day, I can't remember something happened at my kid's school, and they quote unquote, failed at something. And I said, You know what, you're gonna learn so much more from this experience than if you had been successful. He's like that, yeah, he still wasn't happy about the whole situation. But it's true. It's like, we take more notice, you know, and we change things we learn, we grow, we get out of that comfort zone. And we become better as a result.

Ty Allan Jackson 7:37
And not only that, but failure will also determine whether or not you really want to do this. Because if you failed at it, and you really love it, you're going to go and run through that wall again, until you get through it. And it may take you 10 times to run through that wall. But every time you run through it, you know, you want it a little bit more. And you know, for the kids that want to be the next Taylor Swift, when they pull out that guitar, and they start stinking at playing guitar, if they only do it one or two times, you know what's not meant to be. But that kid that sticks with it for years and years and years, you know that they're destined to become, you know, the next Taylor Swift, the next Elon Musk, or the next Beyonce, because the ones that stick to it and fail time and time again. Those are the ones that get the tough skin and figure out how to overcome and eventually become great.

Sunny Gault 8:25
Yeah, they get a little bit better each time, you know, and that keeps them going. That keeps them motivated until they reach their goal. 100% All right. Well, thank you so much, Ty great information. This is Ty's book everyone. If you want to check it out. It's called "Make Your Own Money". You can get a copy on his website, which is And while you're there, head on over to our website. It is We've got some more great information for you over there. It's where real moms talk about real life.

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