Removal of The Boob Group, Episode 134

We're sorry for the inconvenience, however the expert for this episode has requested we remove this episode due to a change in our WHO Code policy. We were hoping to avoid removing any episodes, however it’s important to us to be respectful of the guests on our shows and to comply with their wishes. If you have further questions, please contact the expert directly. For more information about the WHO Code, please listen to our episode.

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Melissa Cole

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(305) 898-3809

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Plugged Ducts

Why do you want this episode removed?

I feel I can not be a expert for The Boob Group due its stance on following the WHO Code. I welcomed helping mothers all over the world but it appears The Boob Group is really after the profit and not actually helping Moms.

This episode was originally created to help new and expecting parents. In your opinion, how are we helping these parents by removing this episode?

We are showing that is not ok to better ourselves to hurt others.