Removal of The Boob Group, Episode 033

We're sorry for the inconvenience, however the expert for this episode has requested we remove this episode due to a change in our WHO Code policy. We were hoping to avoid removing any episodes, however it’s important to us to be respectful of the guests on our shows and to comply with their wishes. If you have further questions, please contact the expert directly. For more information about the WHO Code, please listen to our episode.

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Your Name

Jennifer Tow

Your Title/Position

IBCLC, owner

Name of Business

Intuitive Parenting Network, LLC

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Work Phone Number

(860) 659-1147

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Which episode would you like removed?

Natural Remedies for Common Breastfeeding Concerns

Why do you want this episode removed?

I agreed to present this program based on an understanding that the website is WHO-Code Compliant, therefore as you have changed the policy I would like it removed. Thank you.

This episode was originally created to help new and expecting parents. In your opinion, how are we helping these parents by removing this episode?

Parents have access to information, misinformation, myth and opinion all over the internet, making it difficult to discern the value of the content they are exposed to. My interest is always in offering accurate information within a context parents can trust. The WHO Code is a small, but significant parameter that allows parents to assume a certain level of integrity to that information. I prefer to maintain that parameter as a boundary for all of my presentations.