Regalo Baby

Regalo Baby is a family-owned company that knows the importance of having trust in the products you purchase for your children. Safety, quality, and affordability are at the forefront of every conversation. They only create products that they see value in and happily purchase for their own children!

Featured on these Hangouts

  • How Often Should I Feed My Baby?

    As a new mom, you’re probably wondering how often you should feed your baby? Yeah, crying is usually a good sign, but how can you be proactive?

  • What are the Best Finger Foods for my Baby?

    You and your baby are about to take on solid foods! It’s a big milestone. But how do you know which finger foods work best? And how do you avoid any dreaded choking incidents?

  • When Is It Safe to Give My Baby Solids?

    You’ve been pureeing foods and giving your baby the “soft stuff” for a while now… and you’re thinking about transitioning to solids. But what about choking hazards? How do you know your baby is ready for the big switch?

  • Where Should I Feed My Baby?

    Your baby is hungry… and perhaps crying. So, where do you feed him? Standing, sitting, laying down, in a chair, on the floor… the possibilities are endless.