Tiffany Lebano

Registered Nurse

Tiffany Lebano, RN, BSN, completed her nursing degree at Johns Hopkins University and went on to work there as a pediatric nurse for five years. She has also worked as a doula, NICU nurse and pediatric research nurse. Her favorite job is being a mama to her two sweet girls and baby boy. Her passion for nursing, mamas and babies led her to this wonderful journey of becoming a Mama Coach.

Tiffany couldn't be more excited to help alleviate some of the stressors of mamahood so you can focus on enjoying those sweet snuggles and savoring all these moments. Parenting is overwhelming; there are a million different messages of how to do something when you Google it at 3 a.m. It is hard to figure out what is going to work best for you and your family. Tiffany's goal is to empower families with knowledge and support them through the phases of parenthood — everything from prenatal education through potty training and preschooler sleep.

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