Renee Grenon

Podcaster/ Content Creator/ PhD Psych

“Renee Reina” Grenon, is an academic turned podcaster. Her hobbies include being honest, making TikToks, and helping moms live life unapologetically as an imperfect mom.

While she was pregnant with her son, Renee was preoccupied with designing a beautiful nursery, reading every hospital bag checklist she could find, and consuming all the #blessed mom accounts on Instagram. After her son was born, she quickly realized that she had been preparing for motherhood all wrong. Everything she had been told about having a baby was not what she was experiencing. So, she decided to start The Mom Room where she talks and writes honestly about all of it.

Renee grew up in a small city in Northern Ontario (yes, she says “eh”) with two siblings, an incredible mother who stayed home for most of her childhood, and a top-notch dad who worked overseas for months at a time. She had many different phases of what she thought she wanted in life. First, she wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. Then, she didn’t want to ever get married or have children. And then, she thought marriage and a few kids would be cool. Finally, she was married, had one child, and her mind has been blown ever since.

Episodes for this expert

  • The Mental Load of Motherhood With Renee Reina

    So much of what moms do behind the scenes to keep their children happy and healthy goes unnoticed – like the amount of time it takes to research day cares or even pack the diaper bag to get the baby out the door.

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Renee Grenon

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