Tara Zandvliet

Holistic Pediatrician

Dr. Zandvliet is a graduate of Stanford University, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish. She became fluent in Spanish while studying in Salamanca, Spain. After a year as a substitute teacher in L.A., she entered medical school.She received her M.D. from New York Medical College where she was recognized for her skill in clinical diagnoses. As a medical student she chose challenging assignments in Harlem and the South Bronx, Emergency Rooms in Detroit, and Indian Health Services in rural Colorado. For her residency she attended the University of Texas, Houston. She pursued both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics in a double residency. She was selected as Chief Resident in Internal Medicine by Dr. James Willerson, the head of the Texas Heart Institute. Upon completion of her residency Dr. Zandvliet was on the faculty at UT Houston. She also headed up the Baylor College of Medicine/University of Texas HIV clinic during that time.

At Palomar Medical Center in Escondido she worked as a hospitalist for several years, taking care of very sick, complex patients. She then moved to Family Health Centers of San Diego to provide clinical services to low-income patients. There she was recognized by her peers for being their most qualified physician for difficult cases, and equally importantly by the patients for having the best bedside manner.

Dr. Tara Zandvliet is Board Certified in three separate specialties: Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, and Integrative/Holistic Medicine. She now has a private practice in the South Park area of San Diego and individualizes her treatment plans based on the patient’s needs and personal beliefs. She has a special interest in working with patients to take charge of their own health.

Dr. Zandvliet is married and is the proud parent of 2 school age children. In her free time she enjoys knitting and camping, and is an avid cyclist.

Episodes for this expert

  • Colic: Why Is My Baby Crying Constantly?

    Babies are supposed to cry, it’s how they communicate with us. But what do you do when your baby is crying constantly? Could your baby have colic? What exactly is colic and why does it happen? And what natural remedies can you use to help soothe your baby so you both can get some much needed rest?

  • Diaper Rashes: Causes and Remedies

    You remove your baby’s diaper and see redness everywhere- perhaps even bumps and open sores! What’s causing your baby’s diaper rash? Could it be the diaper, or some other form allergy or irritation?

  • Your Baby’s Boogers, Snot and Colds

    Having a sick baby can be a terrifying experience for new parents. So, how can you help your baby feel better (since you can’t use medication)?

  • ADD and ADHD: Symptoms in Young Children

    Your child seems and unable to focus properly, but does he really have ADD or ADHD? These are buzz words that are perhaps overused too often these days. So, what exactly are these disorders, how do they impact children, and how can you get help?

  • Teething: Signs, Symptoms and Remedies

    The process can be painful for both mother and baby. What triggers teething in babies? What are the best ways to relieve discomfort? And what should you expect when those first few teeth break through the gumline?

  • Newborn Screening Tests

    Newborn screening tests look for harmful or potentially fatal disorders that aren’t apparent at birth. Find out which tests are typically done, how they’re performed and which disorders they’re looking for in your child.

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