Madeline Gabriel

Certified Dog Trainer

Madeline Gabriel is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and also a mom to two boys. She established the Behavior and Training program at the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA in 2000 but, over the last eight years, has specialized in family dog training, focusing on the period from pregnancy through preschool. Madeline teaches 25+ dog and baby preparation classes through local childbirth education programs and consults with individual families to help restore the peace if there is a concern about the dog and young children. Madeline is working on a book about dogs and babies and welcomes your questions and comments through her blog/website all about kids and dogs:

Episodes for this expert

  • New Baby and the Family Pet

    You’re about to bring home your new baby. You and your partner are excited, but what will the family pet think? How can you help your dog or cat through this transition? What type of behavior should you expect during this time?

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