Kayti Buehler


Homebirth in and around San Diego and South Riverside counties (Temecula area) has been my speciality for 3+ years. Licensed by the Medical Board of California and certified by the North American Registry of Midwives, I am qualified to practice out-of- hospital birth. In October 2012, I graduated from the the Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery in San Diego, and I also hold certificates in both Neonatal Resuscitation and in Basic Life Support for Healthcare Professionals. My clinical experience has been gleaned from my time with Andrea's Midwifery, Inc., here in SD as well as 2 months at Saito Birth House in Kanagawa, Japan. I've been working within the childbirth arena since 2007 as a doula, assistant midwife, and now as a midwife.

In my “life before midwifery” I did many things, including working in Miyagi, Japan, as an English teacher and small business owner for a combined total of 8 years (1998-2006). Just before that, I team-taught a class at UC Berkeley, called Female Sexuality. It was in this class that I heard my “calling,” when a midwife and a doula came to say hello and I just KNEW what I wanted to be. In studying our bodies and ourselves as women in that class, I began to see the power of women who understand and believe in themselves. The work that I am now privileged to do every day simply affirms my belief that women, when they have what they need, make decisions that have a lasting impact on their family, their peace, and themselves, which affects us all. I am deeply grateful to the women and families I serve, to my loving and supportive family, and to the midwives who have helped to train my mind and hands and who have helped to shape my practice.

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