Kaila Diaz

Bilingual Parenting Specialist

Kaila Diaz is a sociolinguist and language educator who holds a Master's Degree from George Mason University in Linguistics concentrated in Childhood Bilingualism and Family Language Policy (FLP). Kaila has over a decade of experience in early childhood language education, both in the U.S. and abroad. She now hosts the Bilingual Parenting Podcast and runs virtual Spanish immersion programs for bilingual families and bilingual parenting workshops. Kaila works with about 100 families per week, walking alongside them on their unique bilingual parenting journey.

In addition to her academic background in the topic, Kaila is actually a product of bilingual parenting herself, having grown up with both English and Spanish since toddlerhood. And now, together with her husband, she is raising a bilingual preschooler of her own.

Kaila is constantly emphasizing on her platforms that raising a bilingual child, at least at some level, can be available to anyone who wants to pursue it. There are so many ways to go about bilingual parenting, and it will look different for each family. However, Kaila believes that play and bonding should be at the core of every family's bilingual journey. Wondering about how to start or tweak your endeavor to raise bilingual kids? Get involved in Kaila's online community, Bilingüitos, at www.bilinguitos.com. There you can find downloadable resources, the Bilingual Parenting Podcast, courses and workshops, classes for kids, and 1:1 bilingual parenting consults.

Episodes for this expert

  • Raising Bilingual Babies

    There are all kinds of benefits to being bilingual, and parents who speak multiple languages may want to pass that knowledge on to their children. What are the best strategies for doing so? How important is it to start teaching your kids in infancy? And if you’re not bilingual, can you still raise bilingual children?

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