Joanna Adamczak


Dr. Adamczak is a Perinatologist at the San Diego Perinatal Center specializing in high-risk obstetrics and fetal ultrasound, Her interests include prenatal diagnosis, surgical complications during pregnancy, and prenatal care for women with complex medical complications including maternal cardiac disease, organ transplants and cancer.

Episodes for this expert

  • Prenatal Care with Twins

    Congrats! You’re pregnant with twins! So, how does pregnancy with multiples differ from being pregnant with a singleton? What type of additional testing and prenatal care should you expect?

  • Debunking Myths About Twin Pregnancies

    If you recently learned you are carrying twins, you may be a bit anxious about your pregnancy. Are you still able to have a vaginal birth if you’re pregnant with twins? Is it really rare to be pregnant the full 40 weeks? And it bedrest pretty much unavoidable? Today we’re debunking some of the common myths associated with twin pregnancy.

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