Hannah Radford

Pregnancy and Postpartum Coach

Hannah Radford is a Certified Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Coach. She has a double major in Education and English. While her background is in teaching, her hobby of exercise became her new profession. After playing a collegiate sport, competing in CrossFit and USAW Weightlifting competitions, she entered a new stage of life as a mom. When she became pregnant with her first child, she quickly realized there was nobody to give her solid advice on working out in this new stage. She sought advice on how to navigate working out pregnant and postpartum. Her passion for women's athletics grew and eventually she became certified to specifically coach pregnant and postpartum women in athletics. Today she coaches at RailSplitter Fit Co. and also runs classes teaching women how to strength train. Her passion is encouraging women to gain strength and reduce pain through weightlifting. She has given seminars about pelvic floor health and partnered with local medical providers to establish a referral system for pregnant and postpartum moms in her local community. If you are interested in finding someone in your area who provides similar services, please check out the Professional Network for coaches who are also certified in this style of athletics.

Episodes for this expert

  • Working Out After Baby

    With postpartum bodies and tiny humans in tow, working out looks different after having a baby. How should moms ease back in? What are red flags to watch out for? And how can you exercise with your baby at home?

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