Rebecca Mahan

Trauma Expert

Rebecca Mahan was employed for more than 10 years as a law enforcement office and was a Field Training Officer, as well as, Background Investigator. She has spent more than 20 years studying domestic violence and working with victims of various traumatic events. Rebecca is an author and host of two radio shows. She was also a columnist for more than 7 years at a community college and was a contributor, with Communities Digital News, “Becca’s Brief’s”.

Her education includes: Associates Degrees in Christian Studies, General Education, General Business Management and Law Enforcement. Bachelor’s Degrees in Church Ministry and Occupational Studies Vocational Arts. Master’s degree in Biblical Studies. Rebecca is currently enrolled in a Doctorate of Philosophy of Theology Program.

Rebecca has combined her knowledge and experience to create the successful program, V.O.T.E, Victims Overcoming Traumatic Events, for those exposed to domestic violence and other traumatic events. Her goal is to assist law enforcement, first responders, and others to save lives, reduce injury and help others to move forward to a healthier lifestyle.

Episodes for this expert

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