Gerri Ryan


Gerri Ryan became a birth assistant to a Certified Nurse-Midwife in a small home birth practice in 1999, and then apprenticed with another Licensed Midwife for 13 months while studying and acquiring clinical experience to sit for the California Challenge process, which she successfully completed in 2003. She received her license by passing the NARM exam and is now practicing midwifery. She attended over 350 births as a doula and another 150 as birth assistant and/or midwife. She has served single parents, traditional families, alternative families, and teen mothers. She has assisted women during vaginal birth, cesarean, and vaginal birth after previous cesareans in local hospitals, birth centers and midwife attended home births. She believes the ability to birth is deep in every woman and when women have confidence in their own abilities, the encouragement and freedom to tap into their innate wisdom, and have the loving support of family, friends and professionals who believe this too, they will truly have a satisfying birth experience.

Episodes for this expert

  • Precipitous Labor: Preparing for Short Labor

    When we think about labor and delivery, most women are concerned about it lasting for hours and hours. But what if the exact opposite happens and your labor lasts three hours or less from start to finish? How can you be better prepared?

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