Ana Paula Markel

Childbirth Educator/Doula

Ana Paula Markel is the founder of Bini Birth, a center in Los Angeles dedicated to childbirth education classes and workshops, doula and childbirth educator trainings, parenting classes, doula referrals, and green pregnancy retail. Ana Paula created Bini to fulfill her life's mission to comfort and spread evidence based information and joy about the birth and parenting process.”

A mother of four children, Ana Paula experienced two cesarean births, a medicated vaginal birth and a natural birth, in that order, and discovered a passionate interest in the childbirth process along the way. Her goal is to assist mothers and families as they explore the many options available to them in childbirth and parenting.

Ana Paula’s clientele is unique, informed and conscious. She is passionate about connecting families of all backgrounds with their ideal birth support team and encouraging parents to make smart and informed decisions about their children. Ana has been featured in many magazines, newspapers and TV shows both in the US and internationally.

Ana Paula is originally from Brazil (a country with one of the highest cesarean rate in the globe) and her background is in fashion. She is married to Jim, a loving midwesterner, and with their four children and their various dogs, they make up an eclectic, colorful bunch.

Episodes for this expert

  • Childbirth Preparation Methods: Bini Birth

    Bini Birth explores many different methods of childbirth, approaching birth as an individual process that each woman explores in her own way. Today we’ll hear from its creator Ana Paula Markel. What are the main principles behind this practice? What are the most effective ways to learn its principles? And what should you expect if you take a class?

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