Amy Kessler

Cloth Diaper Educator

Amy Kessler began her career in child care when she became a full time nanny in 1997 in New York. She had just graduated college and it was a fun job that allowed her to explore the world. Amy spent several years moving around, always able to find a job. During that time she met her future husband and he became her travel partner! In 2002, they came to San Diego and had found their home. Amy worked as a full time nanny until having her daughter in 2008.

After having her daughter, she decided to embark on a new adventure and started Beach Bums Diapers, an organic cloth diaper service. It has connected her to the community in new ways and given her the opportunity to be a resource to many San Diego families. Amy enjoys supporting clients as they navigate parenthood and this great city!

Episodes for this expert

  • Top 10 Cloth Diaper Mistakes for New Moms

    How you diaper your baby will impact both you and baby every day. Cloth diapers has many benefits, but the whole process can often seem more complicated than it actually needs to be. So, what are the most common mistakes new moms make when cloth diapering their babies? Will “one size fits all” actually fit your baby? How often should you change your baby’s diaper? And what’s the best way to get rid of all that poop?

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