How Small Businesses Can Help Breastfeeding and Pumping Moms

Nursing rooms have now become a popular thing. More and more venues, public spaces, and businesses are recognizing the importance of accommodating moms who breastfeed and breast pump. So, how can small businesses support moms coming into their stores? What's really needed to create a nursing room? What are other options for helping moms if you don't have much space? And how can you promote these services and help grow your business?

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How Small Businesses Can Help Breastfeeding And Pumping Moms

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PRIYA NEMBHARD: Nursing rooms have now become a popular thing. More and more venues, public spaces and businesses are recognizing the importance of accommodating moms who breastfeed and breast pump. Large locations usually designate a room or rooms, and some even have purchased outside option to accommodate moms. But what small businesses? Today we are discussing how small businesses can help breastfeeding and pumping moms. We are The Boob Group!

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PRIYA NEMBHARD: Welcome to The Boob Group! We're here to support all moms wanting to provide breast milk to their babies. I am your host – Priya Nembhard. I am also the founder of the “Moms Pump Here” nursing locator app which helps moms all over the world to find great places to pump and breastfeed their babies. If you haven’t yet, we encourage to download the New Mommy Media Network app which gives you easy access to all our episodes. You can also subscribe to our podcast through iTunes so all our latest episodes download to your mobile device automatically. And if you are on iTunes, please leave us a review, so other moms can learn about us.
Let’s meet the mamas joining our conversations today! Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family! So, Chelsea, why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourself.

CHELSEA VENET: Okay, hi, I am Chelsea Venet. I am a co-owner of The Molecule Project. We have a water filtration store in East Village in New York City. I am new mama myself, I have a six-month-old screaming daughter downstairs, and hopefully, you can’t hear her.

SUNNY GAULT: We can hear her a little bit, but that’s okay.

PRIYA NEMBHARD: She wants to be part of the podcast.

CHELSEA VENET: Yes, and so it’s a pleasure to be here today!

FAITH GOENNER: Hi, I am Faith Gunner and I am the owner and founder of Mama Gracie’s Pregnancy Shop and Spa here in Princeton, Minnesota. And we have been open for one year and we inspire natural pregnancies through our products and services.


SUNNY GAULT: Alright, and I am Sunny, I am producing today’s show. And I can’t really say that I am a breastfeeding mom, I have been in the past. I have four kids, I breastfed all of them. My oldest is six, I have a four-year-old and then I have twins that are three, that are just now wrapping up their breastfeeding experience. And so it’s a little bit bitter-sweet. I am still actually lactating, I am going on ten, actually more than that now, probably twelve days without having any kind of stimulation and I am still lactating.


SUNNY GAULT: I don’t know what’s going on with my body! I guess after you breastfeed for so long, your body is like: oh, no, I think they are going to come back for more; no, we are going to keep making it, we are going to keep making it! I don’t know… I don’t know what’s going on.

PRIYA NEMBHARD: And I am your host, Priya, and I have three children. My oldest is fourteen and middle is twelve, youngest is eight, I breastfed all of them. My youngest I breastfed him for three years, the other two were not so lucky, but, you know, of course, we breast pumped and supplemented for everybody. But I am also the owner of an app, talking about today’s topic that provides locations for moms who breastfeed and breast pump. So it is great that we are having this conversation, because it is not just about, you know, big businesses creating spaces for breastfeeding and pumping moms, you know, small businesses can do it too. And I am so glad to have you on to be part of this discussion. So thank you, everybody for being part of our episode today!

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SUNNY GAULT: Okay, so we are talking today, you know, about different locations where moms can breastfeed and feel comfortable breastfeeding and pumping for their babies when they are out and about. So there’s a news article, dealing with the military. There are a couple mothers who happen to be officers on Malstrom Air Force Base and… That’s in Montana, if you don’t know.
And they had a couple different nursing rooms, I guess originally, but they were kind of not so great. And so the moms, I believe so, sent a letter to management or, you know, someone higher up, to request better rooms. And the good news is that they were very, very receptive to this. And they actually ended up with five different breastfeeding rooms. It says here in the article that some of the rooms, they had to do some asbestos removal, I mean, you are not just talking about a code of paint, you are talking about really going in and making sure it is safe for moms.

But yeah, definitely code of paint, some brooms needed, new carpeting. And I just love the idea that management was very receptive to this, and in an environment where it’s predominantly men, right? And five rooms for one base? I don’t know how big the base is, but that seems to be a lot. And I think that’s fantastic! But yeah, moms just said that they needed some rooms, and took action with this, and got what they wanted out of it, and I think it’s such an inspiring story. Priya, what do you think?

PRIYA NEMBHARD: Well, I think it’s pretty amazing. And you totally hit it on the head with it being a male-dominated field. This… I think it’s a huge thing, you know. A lot of the arm forces and these bases have been pivoting a lot to accommodate moms over the last couple of years. Hasn’t been even more than five years, I would say. But the last couple of years, they’ve just been opening up nursing rooms spaces, or just providing a location for the moms on the base to go to breastfeed and breast pump, because they realize it’s not just about the soldiers, but their families that they got to accommodate, which is an amazing thing that they are doing. And they’ve really taken a step forward. So I think this is fantastic! Five rooms? Oh, my God! Not even one, it’s five!

SUNNY GAULT: I know! Right? Faith, what do you think?

FAITH GOENNER: I think that this shows what values the arm forces has and that they are promoting women to be able to be women even though they are in the arm forces, and take care of families, and the health of their babies. And I think it’s fantastic.

CHELSEA VENET: I actually agree with Faith. What she just said is just perfect. I mean, it is so important, the health and the well-being of your family, and…I mean, she said it perfectly.


SUNNY GAULT: Yeah, I mean, I give…you know, really applaud… I am assuming that the higher-ups that approved this were men, so maybe…Who knows? Like maybe, you know, their wives breastfed too and they recognize the importance of it. I just love that the message is getting out there though and we are being more accommodating. So, high five to this Air Force base, that’s awesome! And hopefully we’ll see more like it in the future!

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PRIYA NEMBHARD: So today we are discussing how small business can help breastfeeding and pumping moms. Both of our guests today are owners of small businesses and I am so glad both can be on! And we are in two parts of the country, both New York and Minnesota. So, let’s dive right in! How important was it for you to create a space for nursing moms? Faith, why won’t you go ahead?

FAITH GOENNER: Well, the shop, Mama Gracie’s Pregnancy Shop and Spa… But let me say thank you, thank you, thank you for inviting me on the show, I love Boob Group and what Moms Pump Here is doing! But when I created this, I was focused on pregnant moms, and I haven’t even thought… This is… I laugh, because I was so focused on my business plan about infertility and before pregnancy, and during pregnancy that I have to admit that the breastfeeding was kind of an afterthought.

But what happened was that once mamas go in there, once they started having their babies, I saw that not only some private space was important, but also that we have to show that public breastfeeding is ok, that I am going to allow that, that is ok if you are comfortable sitting in some chair that we have and nursing your mom, that we are going to be okay with that.

PRIYA NEMBHARD: So is there a place specifically in the store?

FAITH GOENNER: So, we have… Okay, so, it’s quite… So, we have a shop and a spa. So, over in the spa is where I would say you have your private space where you can go into a room, and there’s also sort of a couch out in the lobby area. On the shop side, yeah, it could be public, which we’ve had, but there’s also the dressing room, or there are some chairs set up. But technically if people want private, I have sent them over to the spa side, that’s sort of where I set it up to be quite and sort of in that relaxation mode.

And the story that I like to tell, I don’t know if this is the right place, but we had some moms coming to a meeting at the shop, and they walked in, and told me they had just pumped out in the car, and that they hadn’t even though about the fact that a shop could sort of support where they were at. And that was kind of an eye-opening thought to me, but also our space is open to the public. So, if people are down in Princeton shopping, we have a Hallmark in town that they can stop in and nurse or pump at our shop.

PRIYA NEMBHARD: That’s awesome! And what about you, Chelsea? How important was it for you to create a space for nursing moms?

CHELSEA VENET: For me it was actually something I never thought about until Priya came in and introduced herself to my husband Alex who was in the store at the time. Immediately, I loved the idea! I am a new mom myself. I personally, my journey with breastfeeding has been challenging from the beginning. And I never, you know… When I was pregnant, I thought I was going to be, you know, this wonderful, beautiful experience that me and my baby are going to bond and she’s going to latch, and everything’s going to be all great and wonderful. But it never ended up being like that.

PRIYA NEMBHARD: It never ends up the way you plan it to be.

CHELSEA VENET: And you know, finding… You know, we live in New York, and this is a wonderful place… I mean, it’s legal to be topless here. And, you know, I am that kind of mama who fits in between. I have breastfed in public before, you know. In the summer I was on a park bench, and if she needed to eat, I was doing it. But the winter is coming; it’s getting cold here already. And I really value, you know, my privacy for one, and for two, a warm, clean place to change my baby, feed my baby, even just, you know, have access to a clean bathroom.

New York City is field with, you know, every street you walk down on has a small business. And you know, I feel like having one myself is a wonderful key to young moms, or working moms, or any kind of mom for that matter, to just come and use your facility. We personally, I would love to deck out our space, have plush rugs, and dined lighting, and you know, the whole nine yards in there. But it’s a work in progress and I would love to you know, to keep working on it.

PRIYA NEMBHARD: That’s wonderful! So, we are talking it… So, both of you have touched upon an important piece of this, and that’s the need in your community, a faith you had moms come into your store saying: hey, we pumped in the car. And then Chelsea, you know, you recognize that they are so many small businesses in your community, but what businesses are really providing, you know, accommodations to nursing moms. So, let’s talk a little bit about that, you know. Is there… What is the need in your communities? What kind of stories you have from other businesses or other moms in your area about nursing moms needing accommodations like this?

FAITH GOENNER: Well, this is Faith. And I will just say, from what I’ve heard from out moms, not only are there accommodations which, Priya, I don’t know that they actually are understanding should be provided. But more I hear about some of the products that we have provided for nursing moms, like good bras and the ability to find someone to talk to. And Chelsea was talking about on the challenges of breastfeeding, that there’s sort of this…it’s just natural and it’s going to happen, and then you ended up having like cloud ducks or engorgement, and all these issues. And unless you have a great, you know, healthcare provider, like where do you go?

And so I hear from a lot of local moms… We have kind of a lot of teenage moms. And I think about, they’re just being able some…mentors, but I mean, some other moms that they can relate to. And also we really try to connect with women in the community who can sort of help the new moms. And there’re issues involving small town in Minnesota, and there’s issues out here that women don’t get addressed, because…or the services are down in the city, but they are not up here. And that’s where the small businesses are able to be a hub for midwives, and doulas, and lactation consultants, and really start to refer people at a broader level than I ever, ever thought we could do, just being a little shop.

PRIYA NEMBHARD: Well, it’s much more than a little shop it sounds like.

FAITH GOENNER: Exactly! And then like, you are talking about, Priya, asking us: what are the moms saying? And I don’t think that…just like the story of the women in the car, I don’t think women understand that we, I mean, we should be providing this for them, we should be supporting them as small businesses, large businesses, workplace, can I just through that in?


FAITH GOENNER: I have heard a lot of women who had to give up nursing because of the lack of a workplace support. And that just make me sad! Anyway, yeah, that’s what I would say.

PRIYA NEMBHARD: At another podcast! And what about you, Chelsea? How has the need in your community changed your outlook in creating a space for moms there?

CHELSEA VENET: Well, Faith, we definitely…Could you open in New York? Because we need more places like yours.

FAITH GOENNER: I told you, I would love to go to New York.

CHELSEA VENET: It would be great! I mean, we do thankfully, have a few place here in the city. But for me, with my mamas coming in… Se sale water, water filtration systems, so, most of our conversations, to be honest, are directed around health and wellbeing. And even moms who’ve come in not knowing we have a pumping and nursing station in the back, come in to ask us about the benefits of clean water and how could I, you know…what can I do in my rental apartment that I could, you know, protect my family. So for us, most of our conversations are about, you know, health.

The second is, you know, when I need them we have a nursing station in the back; we think it’s absolutely wonderful and we need more places like that. Before your app… Priya, I don’t what I would have done without it! I mean, I’ve been using it since you introduced yourself to me…what, a month ago? And I was in Detroit recently, visiting some family. I am in a rental car; my daughter woke up from her nap, 45minutes earlier, and screaming hungry. I immediately pulled over, used it and went to the mall and found a nursing station.

PRIYA NEMBHARD: That’s awesome! I love hearing stories like that! So you mentioned mall. So, malls usually have some type of space, a family room or a nursing room for moms. And even the stores inside, they might accommodate nursing moms goes back to the community, you know. It goes back to the community. Mall is the community, the town that the mall sits in is the community, and your store is providing a service to the community that you sit in. And it’s so important that we are able to accommodate more moms! If you think about it from a business standpoint, moms are like the second, I think, the second biggest marketing nitch, right? So, we have pets, and then we have moms.

SUNNY GAULT: In that order!

PRIYA NEMBHARD: In that order! So, only makes sense from a business standpoint to provide these services to moms because number 1, you are providing the health benefit that you talked about to mamas, you know, you provide that resource for them. But, number 2, it also helps your business by providing that space, because, you know, moms are going to be intrigued, families, dads coming in, and they’ll be like: oh, I didn't know this existed! You know?

SUNNY GAULT: Well, and that brings up a really good point. Actually, I was going to ask Chelsea and Faith, both of you guys, do you do any kind of marketing? If people don’t already know that you have this service at store… Especially Chelsea, with you, having a water filtration business, not a lot of people may acquit that to having a nursing room. So what do you guys do to let people know that you have this short of telling people when they walk through the door?

CHELSEA VENET: Well,… That is a great question. Me and my husband have been going back and forward about marketing for the last couple weeks. We really need to figure out a way to get the message across to moms, to families overall. And that’s something we need to work on. We haven’t really ironed all the pieces of that yet, but we are working on it.

SUNNY GAULT: Well, I mean… Cause I know we’ve talked on the show, we’ve talked about like different headlines that have been in the news and you know, flooding around on the internet, about businesses that simply have a sign on the outside of like the window, if you have, you know, one of those kinds of windows outside of your property, your business, that says: breastfeeding moms, welcome! Or pumping moms, welcome! Our breastfeeding room available to the public? Or something… You know, if you’ve got that window space. I have definitely heard that, especially from restaurants and places like that. Faith, have you done anything? I mean, your business is a little bit more, you know, welcoming if you will already to that type of, you know, brand new moms, but what have you done?

FAITH GOENNER: Well, until you sort of trigger me to think about this, I have just done promoting the moms pump here and just letting people know that we are available. But what you’ve just told me is I am going to put something on the window, because we are right up from the library, and so it’s a great opportunity to let people know like you don’t have to come shop here to be able to have access to the space. So, thank you! I am going to go ahead and think about that, I guess. It’s something that you get so focused or in the weeds of some other logistics of your business, that sometimes I don’t think I’ve realized that is such a fantastic idea to just put it on the window and really let women know who are driving by.

CHELSEA VENET: Yeah, I agree. I mean, all we have are your pamphlets in the front. I mean, I should definitely put a sign outside, even a banner for that manner!

PRIYA NEMBHARD: Well, let’s talk about that.

CHELSEA VENET: Yeah! Let’s do it!

PRIYA NEMBHARD: And you know, it’s also important to reach out to local media. You know, you think about your local TV stations, Faith, we talked about this before, the local newspapers, you know, you have the village’s voice, Chelsea, you can densely reach out to them and be like: hey, you know, we just opened up this new nursing space, you know, create a press release for it and hopefully some of the local papers will pick it up, you know, and share the news with moms in the area. And also talking about, you know, going back to the community again, the business that are around you, even sharing with them and letting them know that: hey, we have a nursing room if you have…it’s not about just, you know, selling our services, you know, we’ll help promote you too, you know, send moms this way if they need to breast pump or breastfeed, and maybe we’ll put a little pamphlet in our store or something about you, you know, about your business as well. So there is a level of collaboration you can do to help promote yourself. Okay, so what can small businesses do to accommodate nursing moms? Next up, let’s talk about steps you took and how much planning wen behind the important change? We’ll be right back!

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PRIYA NEMBHARD: Welcome back! Today we are talking about how small businesses can help to breastfeed and pumping moms. So, let’s talk about the creating process of creating a nursing-friendly space. So, Chelsea and Faith, when you decided ok, this is what we are going to do, what did you first envision about your space? Or did it just happen?

FAITH GOENNER: Well, as I mentioned previously, it’s a pregnancy shop and a spa, and so the spa was already set up with some coaches and sort of an atmosphere that is great for mamas of all, before, during and after pregnancy, but when I think about having nursing moms and when I think about that space, it’s one that is comfortable, so great chairs, has an atmosphere that both baby and the mama feel safe in, just…with a table, so that if the mom is pumping that she’s able to put that on the table, having access to a plugin, you know, some logistics that allow the space to be functional, but also… I don’t know why the word exclusive is coming to me, anyway. But where she feels good about herself and she can really relax and have, even though she’s out and about and not at home, she can still have that sort of hospitality or feel welcome.

PRIYA NEMBHARD: Yeah, I love that word hospitality. That’s true, because you are providing that type of service, right. You are welcoming in the mom and their babies and their families into the store, and you are providing that level of service, but beyond just, you know, whatever home in the store or, you know, the…you have a spa, so the spa services that you have. But I love that word using, hospitality, cause that’s what you are doing, you are providing that welcoming service to the moms. What about you, Chelsea?

CHELSEA VENET: For us it just kind of happened, like you said. For me, it is important to have a space with warm energy, you know, a clean dimly light space, that’s me. I like to feed my daughter in at least deem light, cause it’s amazing, she just seems more calm, she’s focused. If lights… There’s a fluorescent light ball, she’s looking all over the place, you know. We all know how it is. So, warm energy, outlets, an outlet to, you know, charge your phone, plug in your pump, a changing table is really important for us. I mean, I had a mini-disaster the other day, thankfully I was only three blocks away from the store, and you know, I was able to duck in there and do the business and get out of there, you know what I mean.

PRIYA NEMBHARD: Were you leaking? Is that what happened?

CHELSEA VENET: Yes! Yes, and I didn’t have… You know when you leave the house in the morning, you always forget something. So having a space where, you know… We have breast pads if you need; we have, you know, extra-wipes diapers of all different sizes. Juts providing those little things that should be in your survival kit every day when you have a baby.

PRIYA NEMBHARD: And privacy, right?

CHELSEA VENET: Yeah, and privacy!

PRIYA NEMBHARD: Yeah, privacy, cause you have to change when you got there.


PRIYA NEMBHARD: You were leaking, so you definitely… So, what kind of cost… Going back to the business aspect again, what kind of cost did you encore creating a nursing-friendly space?

CHELSEA VENET: For me, for us, not a lot, at all! You know, we just bought some comfortable furniture. And we are working with a very small space, so it’s not like we are decking it out with, you know, three couches and a plush rug, and everything. It’s very small. So, for us, the cost was barely anything. It was very doable.

PRIYA NEMBHARD: What about you, Faith? Was there a big cost? I know you said you already had recliners in your store. Did you add anything?

FAITH GOENNER: Yeah, no… So, I think the cost will… Even with some of the tips that I am hearing about what Chelsea just said, are nominal compared to what it’s doing for the moms, you know, for the whole experience, is nominal for a business to invest in.

PRIYA NEMBHARD: So your ROI is bigger than what you are putting into the space?

FAITH GOENNER: I think… Well, I think so, yeah, absolutely! And of course what we’ve talked about before, you know, the marketing aspect is going to increase your… So, now that we’ve plugged that like little seed in your minds, hopefully next time when we talk, you guys, will have…can tell us more about your marketing plans. But it’s… You know, the cost, usually that’s what it comes down for businesses and the space. If you are thinking, you know, where are you going to put this. Chelsea, you guys…walk us through this, you guys, gutted a storage room. What did you guys do with all of that stuff?

CHELSEA VENET: Yes, yes, we did. We totally gutted it! I mean, it was… I don’t know if you’ve seen it before, but it was an organized chaos back there. Thankfully we have a basement space; we relocated a lot of our storage in the basement. And it was a great opportunity for us as well to organize, and regroup, and throw out what we didn’t need, and keep what we did. So, overall, for us, you know, we just started our nursing room, I mean, a month ago I want to say, so it’s a new aspect of our business, but so far it was a relatively easy transition and it’s been nothing but beneficial for our business.

PRIYA NEMBHARD: That’s awesome! And what about you, Faith?

FAITH GOENNER: Like I sort of said… Actually, this podcast, being very transparent and honest has given me some new inside in some additional space in the shop and what we can do to really all the mamas that are going to come in from the new marketing plan! So, that will be “to be continued” about additional costs or investments that I make into the space that we have and be able to utilize it based on this conversation today. It’s excellent!

PRIYA NEMBHARD: That’s awesome! That’s awesome! So, thinking about those new ideas that you had what would you recommend to other small businesses that want to create a nursing room based on what you’ve done already?

FAITH GOENNER: Well, the bathroom is not an option! A bathroom as not an option is my first thing.

PRIYA NEMBHARD: Nope, It is if it’s separate.

FAITH GOENNER: Yes, it has real outside of the bathroom. I like what Chelsea is saying in terms of the storage room. And I don’t know why, her talking about the storage room just made me think about some other space that I have on the main level and I have a basement, and so how are we using that space and how can we sort of build on what we already have started in terms of for nursing moms. But to other small businesses what I would say, I think it’s already existing in your space, I think there’s an opportunity for you to do it without a huge investment or knocking down walls, or having to have an architect, or any, you know, crazy high cost.

You know, I can just think of ways that it can be accommodated and allow your customers to feel welcome. And that’s the peace, is a lot of women are nursing longer than one year, or longer than six months, and so they’re… As you guys, have talked about it, three years of nursing and having that opportunity, I think it’s really worth all business really thinking through their space and their facility.

PRIYA NEMBHARD: What about you, Chelsea? What would you recommend to businesses that want to create a nursing room?

CHELSEA VENET: I absolutely agree with Faith. A bathroom is a "must"! You need a bathroom and a sink, that’s not negotiable! But like she said as well, it doesn’t take much, you know, like a hundred and fifty square feet will do, you know. As long as you fill it with, you know, the proper necessities. And also just listening Faith talk just now, she’s give me ideas. You know, I had a mom come in and she had in two other children with her and our space was pretty tide with her two kids back there with her, and, you know, I’m just brainstorming ideas of how, you know, how would we fit a stroller, multiple children, and a mama, and a baby, and a bathroom. Like my brain is turning right now. But you know, it really doesn’t take much. You don’t need to build walls and put doors…we have a little curtain, you know, for privacy. And yeah, like she said, it doesn’t take very much.

FAITH GOENNER: I just want to clarify. I don’t like that… I don’t want the nursing room/space to be in a bathroom. And I think that’s what people default is thinking that will just put a chair in the bathroom and I’ve read all these statistics on sort of the uncleanliness of bathrooms. Anyway! So, I just wanted to clarify that peace. But yes, having access to a bathroom for a nursing mom and pregnant moms is very important.

SUNNY GAULT: Yeah, you know, one thing that I wanted to add too is that there’re maybe some people listening to this going: you know, I just don’t have the space, but I do want to help support breastfeeding and pumping moms. And I know we’ve been talking about nursing room areas, and whole rooms, but if you don’t have that, like even having supplies available, you know, if you know that, you know, some of your clientele are going to be nursing moms, and that is a real possibility. We are talking about diapers and stuff like that. Like, I will go to a grocery store to shop if I think that they are more accommodating, or whatever, whatever the place is, right, if I think they are more accommodating to moms.

Just this weekend, I know it’s not related to nursing, but I had to take my twins to go get their haircut and we went to a shop and actually, I didn’t even know it at that time, but they totally catered the kids! Like they got threats afterward, and I will go back, because they are more accommodating to my family, and my family has needs, and they didn’t care that my kids were screaming their heads off, right. So, I think it’s the same thing, like if you don’t have a room, like we said earlier, just saying outside, you know, that you are breastfeeding friendly or that you are, you know, friendly towards families and that there is a family area if you need to breastfeed or whatever. Having something on the outside, and then having some supplies for mamas on the inside if they ask, it can be that simply and I think it can go a really long way, not just to help your business, but to help moms in general.

PRIYA NEMBHARD: Couldn’t agree more!

SUNNY GAULT: Mic dropped!

PRIYA NEMBHARD: Yeah! So thank you so much to everyone for being part of today’s show and for sharing their experience! If you are a member of The Boob Group, then be sure to check out the bonus content for this episode where we’ll discuss what the reaction has been for other businesses in your community.

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SUNNY GAULT: Okay, so we have a question from one of our listeners. This comes from Amber. She posted this on our Facebook page and you guys are more than welcome to post questions for our experts. We have a lot of lactation consultants that come on the show and they are waiting for your question and to answer them. And so in this one, again from Amber, she says: I am a new mommy, two or three week old, I am trying to nurse, but I am having difficulty. He was jaundiced and little bit low in birth weight. He was 6pounds 7ounces, and he actually got down to 5pounds 10ounces at his lowest. We had to start supplementing with formula, because of all this. I still nurse and give formula second, but it seems like he prefers the bottle now. I nurse for 20 to 30 minutes on one side per pediatrician recommendation and then give the bottle. Usually, he eats an additional 1 to 3 ounces. How do I know if I am making enough?

MICHELLE STULBERGER: Hi, Amber, this is Michelle Stulberger, an ABCLC for the Metropolitan DC area. Congratulations on your new baby! The easiest way to say if you are making enough milk for you baby is to look at diaper output. You can consider renting a scale or getting in touch with a local ABCLC to do weighted feed. That will tell you approximately how much milk you baby is getting during a feeding session. Or you could slowly reduce the amount of supplement you are giving, and see if the weight gain continues. These approaches need only to be supervised to ABCLC work physicians. Make sure you watch you baby for signs of satisfaction in the end of the feeding such as relaxed arms and hands, and detaching by themselves by the breast at the end of the feeding. Good luck!

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