Father’s Day Celebration Ideas for New Dads

Becoming a new dad is one of life's biggest moments. It’s one of those things that come with its own set of thrills and challenges. This Father's Day, take some time to celebrate the amazing dad you are! The best part is it doesn’t matter what kind of new dad you are. Whether it's your first Father's Day or you're still getting used to your new role, you deserve to feel appreciated. 

Here are some special ways to make the most of your day.

Sentimental Gifts 

There's nothing like that first Father's Day card or gift with “Dad” on it. Ask family members to create homemade cards, poems, artwork or videos capturing what makes you a great father already. You can cherish these keepsakes forever. Order a personalized frame, mug, t-shirt or other gift with your baby's name, handprints or footprints.

Family Relaxation 

New dads deserve some pampering! Create a spa day at home with face masks, pedicures, massages and his favorite movies or video games. Let dad lounge while mom or other family prepare his favorite treats and drinks. He can put his feet up and simply enjoy baby snuggles.

Celebratory Meal 

If cooking is your thing, take over kitchen duties for the day. Use the grill or smoker to make dad's favorite meats, sides and desserts. Does he love a certain restaurant? Get takeout or dine in if they have an inviting patio. Make it special with mom's famous cocktails or a fancy charcuterie board. Let dad indulge without any meal planning or cleanup!

Pop-Up Photo Shoot 

Capture sweet memories of dad and baby together. Hire an affordable photographer to do mini-sessions in your home or backyard. You can use these professional portraits to create custom Father's Day frames, wall art or even holiday cards. Or simply DIY your own at-home photo shoot with creative props, backgrounds and editing apps.

Games & Competition 

Create your own dad-themed activities or tournaments. You could compete in golf, bowling, video game challenges, paper airplane contests or silly root beer chugging events. Award him a first-place medal or trophy to display. For teams, mom and baby could go up against dad and his friends or relatives.

Outdoors Adventure 

Get some fresh air together on a nature hike, bike ride, camping or fishing trip. Pick a kid-friendly trail, playground or activity where you can comfortably bring your baby. You'll create wonderful memories while also getting exercise as a family. End your outing with a picnic or barbecue.

New Dad Survival Kit 

Put together a fun “New Dad Survival Kit” filled with helpful items and treats. Include things like his favorite snacks, energy drinks, dry shampoo, travel pillow, noise-canceling headphones, gift cards for food delivery, etc. 

Add amusing dad-themed accessories like goofy socks, a “No More Tears” onesie, or a t-shirt with a funny dad pun on it. You can find pre-made kits online or get creative making your own personalized version.

Mini Getaway

If possible, give the new dad a chance to get away and recharge with some alone time. Book him a night at a local hotel or Airbnb where he can enjoy the silence, order room service, and binge-watch shows without interruption. Or arrange for him to get out for a guys' night with drinks and a favorite activity like bowling, golfing, shooting pool or seeing a concert/game. Having some quality “me time” can help combat the stress of sleep deprivation.

At-Home Services 

Hire services to come to your home and pamper the new dad with conveniences he likely hasn't had time to enjoy. Get a barber or stylist to come and give him a fresh haircut and shave. Book a mobile massage therapist or detailing service to clean and detail his car. Sign him up for a brief virtual fitness session to help shake off the pandemic lbs. Or hire a local chef to cook him a gourmet steak dinner at home.

Community Celebration 

Find out if any local businesses, churches or community centers are hosting special events to honor dads. Some ideas include group brunches, family fun days with kid activities, virtual painting classes or attending a minor league baseball game with a Father's Day theme. It could give the new dad a chance to bond with parents in a similar stage of life.

Heartfelt Tributes

In addition to gifts, prepare some special ways to express appreciation and love to the new dad. Interview friends and family to get their perspective on what makes him a great father already, then compile the tributes into a booklet, slideshow or video he can look back on. Write him a heartfelt card or letter describing how you've seen him grow into his new role. If attending a group celebration, give him a shoutout during any public opportunities to share.

Supporting Self-Care 

While gifts and pampering are always nice, ultimately the greatest Father's Day gift may be ensuring the new dad has the resources and space for self-care. Offer to take on baby duties solo for an extended period so he can get uninterrupted rest. Cook nourishing meals to keep his energy up. Remind him to take breaks and check in on his mental health. Making care for himself a priority shows you want him to be a happy, healthy dad.

Final Thoughts

Dads are incredible superheroes. It is nice to make sure the new father figures in your life know how much they rock! 

As a new dad, all you need is a little creativity to make Father's Day unforgettable without spending a lot. Try to be understanding of this new part of your journey and you’ll make this Father's Day truly special. Happy Father’s Day!