Solicited Parenting Advice

Parents are infamous for giving unsolicited parenting advice- usually at the worst times but with the best intentions. Our listeners tell us about parenting issues they're currently dealing with in their family. We poll our audience for advice from real parents!

Suburban Dictionary

Hmmmm. Don’t understand what your kid is saying? Then you’re probably becoming old and outdated. We’ll review some of the latest lingo and important terms you’ll need to know to stay relevant in your own home. Share words you've learned on our facebook page!

Throwback Thursday

Facebook may have started this meme, but we’re taking it to the next level. Tune in to test your knowledge of decades past and earn some pretty cool (nostalgic) prizes.

What’s In Your Shopping Cart?

Have a new product that you absolutely love? Has it changed your world? Tell us about it so we can help spread it to shopping carts everywhere! Email, text us or leave a voicemail at 619-866-4775!

Would You Rather?

Parenting is all about choices, right? We’ll give you some choices of things parents commonly experience and you tell us which one you would rather pick. Assuming you had a choice in real life… but you probably won’t.