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Pregnancy is the leading monthly magazine for first-time moms. At a time when information about what to buy, what to wear, what’s normal and what’s healthy is voraciously consumed by first time moms-to-be, Pregnancy is there to answer. With the most in-depth information available and frequent celebrity profiles, Pregnancy is fast becoming the most trusted and recognized publication serving the maternity market.

Featured on these Hangouts

  • Are There Risks to Getting An Epidural?

    You’re hoping for a vaginal birth, preferably without a lot of pain. What should you know before getting an epidural? What are some of the common risks?

  • How Can I Prevent Stretchmarks?

    You’re pregnant, and your baby has quickly taken over your body. Your skin is being pulled to capacity. Does this mean stretch marks are unavoidable? Is there anything you can do to prevent them, or is your “luck” simply dependent on genetics?

  • How Do I Know If I’m Pregnant?

    Your period is late, but are you really pregnant? What are some of the common symptoms most women experience within the first month of pregnancy? I’m Sunny Gault with The New Mommy Media Network. We’ll answer that question and more after the break.

  • How Long Will I Be In Labor?

    From start to finish, how long will it take for your baby to be born? We’ll take a look at the average amount of hours most women are in labor, and we’ll discuss what factors could impact the length of your labor!

  • How Soon Can I Get Pregnant?

    You’ve just had your baby. And since you have baby on the brain, you start to wonder how quickly you can get pregnant again. Can it happen immediately after giving birth? What if you haven’t had your period yet? What do you need to know about getting pregnant shortly after having a baby?

  • Is Sex During Pregnancy Safe?

    Sex probably got you pregnant, but should you keep doing it once your pregnancy test turns positive? Is it really safe for mom and baby?

  • What Can I Do To Prevent Heartburn?

    Heartburn during pregnancy is pretty common and it rarely has anything to do with eating spicy foods. So, what can you do to calm that constant burning sensation brought on by your little one?

  • What Does Labor Feel Like?

    If you’re pregnant with your first baby, you may be wondering “what does labor actually feel like?” How will you recognize a contraction and how will you know when it’s time to push?

  • What Should Be In My Prenatal Vitamin?

    It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the prenatal vitamins currently available. So, what are the main ingredients you should look for? Should you take the same prenatal vitamin throughout your pregnancy?

  • Why Am I Screened for Gestational Diabetes?

    You’re in the middle your pregnancy – and it’s time to test for gestational diabetes. If you’re not already diabetic, then what’s the problem? What up with the one hour blood test? And what happens if you don’t pass?

  • Why Do I Pee in a Cup Before Appointments?

    You arrive at your OB/GYN appointment, and they ask you to pee in a small cup. They’re not testing to see if you’re pregnant- so what exactly are they looking for? Will you need to pee in a cup before every appointment?

  • Why Not Use the Hot Tub While Pregnant?

    When your whole body aches, the idea of climbing into a tub of warm bubbles might seem tempting. But hot tubs are a no no during pregnancy. Buy why? Is it just about the heat, or do you need to be concerned about the chemicals in the water? Plus, ways you can still be social when your friends want to take a dip!