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Featured on these Hangouts

  • Choosing a Guardian For Your Children

    You love your children, and you want what’s best for them. But who would take care of them if something happened to both you and your spouse or partner? You do you trust to raise your children? What should you consider when making this important decision? How do you make everything legal? And what happens if the court has to make this decision for you?

  • Healthy Chats for Young Girls

    Puberty, birth and conception. How do you know when your child is ready and the time is right for the conversations? What’s the best way to approach these topics so you don’t overwhelm her? And who should do the talking- mom or dad?

  • Making the “Terrible” Twos Terrific

    As a new parent, your friends and family may have already warned you about the “terrible twos”. A time when your precious child begins asserting himself in ways you never thought were possible. But there’s good news! There are strategies you can use to better understand your child so you can diffuse difficult situations more quickly. Today we’re talking about how to turn the terrible twos into terrific twos!

  • Mindful Eating at the Dinner Table

    With our busy lives today, it can almost seem impossible to get everyone around the dinner table to relax and enjoy one another. But being intentional and thoughtful about mealtime is great for bonding and also has many health benefits.

  • Parenting Strategies for Your Persistent Child

    Are you the parent of a persistent kid? We sometimes view this type of behavior as simply being stubborn, but persistent children have amazing traits that can evolve into being a successful adult.

  • Positive Discipline and Self-Esteem for Your Kids

    As parents, we can drive ourselves crazy trying to convince our kids to do what we want them to do. And while we still need to discipline our kids, we also need to be proactive so we can minimize any potential issues that come our way. So, what are the four main ways children misbehave, and what are some great ways deal with those situation before they get out of hand?

  • Potty Training: Tips for Toilet Teaching Your Child

    The idea of getting your child out of diapers may sounds appealing, but the whole potty training process can cause huge amounts of anxiety for both the parents and your little trainee. We have a great guide that takes you step by step through the process.

  • Practical Must-Haves for Parents of Newborns

    Walking into a large baby store can be completely daunting before you have your baby. So, how do you narrow it down to the key items you’ll need during your baby’s first month? Experienced moms share what they’re learned about essentials items you absolutely need!

  • Preparing Kids for Work and Life

    We know hovering over our kids constantly may not be the best way to help them become the successful, independent adults we picture in our minds. So, what should we be doing as parents to help prepare our kids for work and life? What life skills are kids lacking? What are the most common challenges managers have with their younger employees? How can parents love and encourage their kids throughout life without becoming too involved?

  • Preventing Power Struggles with Our Kids

    It’s often frustrating when your child is constantly defying you. So, what do you do when even simple situations quickly turn into major power struggles? What triggers kids to challenge their parents and behave this way? How do you get out of these power struggles and prevent them in the future?

  • Raising Your Spirited Child

    A spirited toddler can be especially challenging for parents. But what defines a spirited child? How does their personality differ from other children? We’ll explore the nine temperament traits. Plus, learn how you can determine if your child is spirited.

  • Swimming and Water Safety Tips for Parents

    Summer is here! But before your child plunges into the water at the nearby lake, beach or community pool, there’s some important safety tips to consider. As a parent, what are some basic things you can do prevent an accidental drowning? What do you do when no lifeguard is on duty? And what role do swim lessons play in all of this?

  • The Basics of Breastfeeding

    You’ve heard that breastfeeding is best for your baby, but why? How can giving your baby breast milk improve their overall growth and development? What are some of the benefits for mom? What happens if you can’t breastfeed for as long as what’s recommended? And what resources are available to help you and your baby on this journey?

  • The Natural Baby Sleep Solution

    We know babies tend to sleep… a lot. But did you know that following your child’s natural rhythms can result in more restful nights for you? So, what are your baby’s sleep requirements within that first year of life? What common mistakes are most parents making when it comes their child’s sleep schedule? Today, you’ll… Continue Reading

  • Your Pelvic Floor After Giving Birth

    Most women already know that pregnancy and childbirth changes your body, forever. When it comes to your pelvic floor, nearly 50% of women experience some type of disfunction after birth. So, what exactly is a pelvic floor and how does it function? What are the common issues women experience and what are your treatment options?