Spring Break Travel Tips

More families than ever are traveling in 2017. According to AAA, 70% of families plan to take at least two vacations this year. One of those will likely happen soon…over Spring Break. While the traditional road trip to visit family and friends is still at the top of most people's list, many families are also traveling long distance to visit National Parks and Theme Parks. Listen to our podcast episode, How to Survive Road Trips.

Special thanks to our friends at FOX5 San Diego for inviting us on their morning show to share these helpful travel tips with parents! If you missed the segment, watch it below.

Pregnancy Seat Belt Positioner, Tummy Shield


SafeRide4Kids Tummy Shield

  • Redirects the seatbelt away from the belly bump! Watch Video
  • Stainless steel hook construction that attaches securely to the car seat and holds the belt firmly in place.
  • Tummy Shield has undergone extensive testing, including crash tests, to validate the vehicle’s seat belt performance remains compliant with applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
  • Buy at SafeRide4Kids Website, $149

Grab-and-Go Car Booster Seat, mifold


mifold Booster Seat

  • 10x smaller than other booster seats, for use on children age 4 to 12.
  • Portable, easily fits into backpack so your child always has mifold with them.
  • Fits perfectly three-in-a-row even in the smallest cars
  • Buy at mifold Website or Amazon, $44.99

Precidio Drink in the Box & Snack in the Box


Precidio Drink/Snack in a Box

  • Carry snacks and drinks safely
  • BPA and Phthalate Free
  • Durable design, dishwasher safe
  • Pack healthy snacks and drinks, control quantity, good for the environment
  • Buy at Amazon, Drink- $11.99, Snack- $9.99

Baby Care by e-cloth Hand & Face Cleaning Kit


e-cloth Hand & Face Cleaning Kit

  • Chemical-free cleaning. All you need is water.
  • Removes 99% of bacteria.
  • Reusable Cloth Wipes guaranteed for 100 washes
  • Pack healthy snacks and drinks, control quantity, good for the environment
  • Soft, yet durable, Hand & Face Cloth Wipes clean any mess on babies and toddlers; Spray Bottle keeps a handy reservoir of water available for quick clean-ups.
  • Carry Pouch provides one place to store everything for immediate use when accidents occur and stores dirty wipes separately for laundering.
  • Buy at Amazon, $29.99

HABA’S Mini Monster Game of Skill


HABA’S Mini Monster Game of Skill

  • Fun game where you have to get the balls in the holes.
  • Easy to tote around in your purse.
  • Buy on Haba website, $14.99

Kanoodle and the NEW Kanoodle Jr. from Educational Insights


Kanoodle and the NEW Kanoodle Jr.

  • Dozens of different puzzles and challenges
  • Kanoodle ages 7 and up, Kanoodle Jr. ages 4-7
  • Buy on Amazon, Kanoodle- $12.99, Kanoodle Jr- $14.99

Kiddy USA Adventure Pack


Kiddy USA Adventure Pack

  • Weighs less than 7 pounds
  • Can carry kids up to 40 pounds
  • Adjustable with a 5-point harness system
  • Canopy and stand
  • Buy on Buy Buy Baby, $209