Recording Our Podcasts

If you have all the equipment needed to join our podcasts, then it's time to learn more about how we record our podcasts. We use an online application called Cast, which does a great job of simplifying the recording process by allowing everyone to record directly from their personal computer.

Here's how our recording process works.

Before Your Recording

  • Take a moment to review and electronically sign our release form.
  • Restart your computer (no smartphone or tablets, please) and close all programs except your browser.
  • If possible, hardwire your computer to the internet (as opposed to wifi).
  • Connect your external microphone (if using one) as well as your headphones or earbuds.
  • Open your Google Chrome browser and click on the recording link the producer emailed to you.
  • Type your first and last name when prompted.
  • When prompted, select your input (microphone) and output (headphones/earbuds).
  • If provided with a script, open the episode script so you can review the topics for our conversation.

During Your Recording

  • Once all guests are inside the virtual studio and the release forms have been signed, we'll begin recording.
  • When the producer hits the record button, it will start recording the mics from all the participants on separate files.
  • We are not broadcasting live. We can re-record anything and edit out anything we don't want.
  • To mute yourself, click the red “X” next to your name. Click again to un-mute.
  • Your host will moderate the conversation, but you can always “raise your hand” if you have something you want to say.
  • If you have any questions while we are recording, type it into the chat section and the producer will help you.
  • DON'T LEAVE the virtual studio. Always leave this window open, or it will cancel your portion of the recording.
  • If you lose internet connection while we are recording, re-fresh the page to re-join the conversation as soon as you can. Your file is being recorded on your computer and will automatically upload once the producer presses the stop button to end the recording.

After Your Recording

  • Once the producer has stopped the recording, the audio files will begin to upload. There may be some wait time. DON'T LEAVE the virtual studio until the producer confirms your files have been successfully uploaded.
  • We will contact you when the episode is released so we can all cross-promote and support one another.
  • If this was your first episode with us, send us your information for our website. Here's the form for experts and here's the form for parents.
  • If you would like to participate in future podcasts and hangouts, please complete our online form which gives us more information about you, your family and your professional experience. Our producers will contact you when opportunities become available.
  • If you have any questions about your episode, please email Sunny.