Maureen Mason

Physical Therapist

Maureen is a specialty pelvic rehab and pain physical therapist who loves to help Women thrive. She has a masters from Boston University, a specialty Board Certification in women’s health, and she is also a credentialed clinical instructor
and a professional yoga/medical yoga practitioner. She is a teaching assistant for the Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehab Institute specialty pelvic PT courses. She works at Comprehensive Therapy Services in Sorrento Valley, and also does research with SDSU on post partum abdominal muscle healing with taping and exercise protocols. She feels honored to work with women in the perinatal time to help them thrive with all their play and work, and to feel well and fit. In her work at CTS, she helps women with orthopedic problems such as hip and low back pain, as well as bladder, bowel, sexual, and pain issues involving their musculoskeletal system. She places the highest value on helping clients understand conservative, holistic care for mind, body and spirit. Maureen and her husband have 2 daughters, a canyon-side home with an organic garden, and 11 chickens. When off work she may be found cooking, bike riding, swimming, or practicing yoga for health.

Episodes for this expert

  • Tear or Episiotomy After Childbirth

    When giving birth, many women may either tear or have an episiotomy. What are the various degrees of a perineum tear or episiotomy? What household items increase your comfort while recovering? And is there anything you can do to make sex more enjoyable?

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