Baby and Toddler- Friendly Christmas Decorating Tips

One of the best things about Christmas is getting to decorate your home, and splurging on a lovely tree for the corner of your living room. Unfortunately, once you have kids, it’s almost like you can’t have nice things anymore. Your expensive Christmas decorations will get pulled, played with, chewed on, thrown around, and lost or broken and destroyed. Nobody wants that.

The good news is that if you can think outside the box, it is possible to make some compromises that will allow you to have your cake and eat it too. Wondering exactly how to achieve this? Here are a few tips that will enable you to decorate your home in a baby and toddler-friendly way this Christmas. 

  1. Shatterproof Ornaments 

You cannot have delicate ornaments on your tree if you have a toddler. No matter how high up you put them, she will always find a way to reach them, pull them off, and throw them on the ground. With shatterproof ornaments, you can rest easy knowing that no matter how hard she throws them around, they are not going to break. 

  1. Use a Fake Tree

When a real tree dries out, it creates a mess. Your toddler will also try her hardest to make an even bigger mess. Not to mention the fire hazard that a dry tree poses when it comes into contact with all the lights. Plus, even if you are diligently watering your tree, your toddler will want to have some fun with the dirt where your tree is sitting. It’s just not worth the headache. Better to just go fake. 

  1. Keep Your Decorations Simple

The less stuff you bring fewer things you’ll have to worry about your little terror destroying. So pick out a few of your favorite decor items and pass on the rest. Besideminimalismlsm is in, so you can simply chalk it up to being trendy and keeping up with the times! 

  1. Put Fragile Things Higher Up

While you probably want to leave your most delicate decorations out of the picture this year with your toddler around, what if you have a family heirloom that tradition dictates you just have to display? Well, you can, as long as you put it high up on a shelf, counter, or mantle. Your fanciest things should be as far away from your little one as possible. 

  1. Wait to Decorate

A decorated tree is extremely tempting to a curious toddler. But who says the tree has to be decorated all December? You can simply put up the tree with lights, then leave it plain for a few days before Christmas. This will allow your kiddo to explore it and get used to it before the ornaments appear. When you can tell she is bored with it because it is no longer something new, you can then bring out the decorations. 

  1. Set Up the Tree in an Inaccessible Area of Your Home

Try not to put the tree in an accessible area. Instead, set it up in a corner or out of the way. If you have big present boxes, arrange them in front of the tree to make the tree even more inaccessible. Doing this will make it less attractive to your curious toddler while still having the tree displayed. Bonus tip: if you do not have any large presents this year, you can simply wrap a few large empty boxes and use those to create the barrier. They work great as a buffer between your little one and the tree and will look great in photos! Win-win! 

  1. Add Bells to Your Decorations

Bells make interesting additions to any Christmas tree. They are also toddler proof and safe for kids to play with, so if your little one is drawn to the sound, let her play with them! They also act as an alarm system for the tree that will always let you know when she approaches it! 

  1. Use Ribbon Hangers for Your Ornaments

Most ornaments come with metal hooks that are far from being toddler friendly. So use ribbons to hang your ornaments so that even if your toddler gets her hands on them, you do not have to worry about her getting pricked or swallowing something sharp. 

  1. Avoid Tinsel

Tinsel is a major choking hazard. Avoid using it on your Christmas tree if you have babies or toddlers because they are attracted to it. 

  1. Consider Having a Separate Tree for Your Toddler

This is easier than it sounds. You can have a small mini tabletop top tree for your little one in her room. Let her decorate it however she wants with ornaments that she makes or her favorite things. Once done, store it at a high place so she can’t reach it at night. Alternatively, you can cut out a tree shape out of felt and have your little one decorate it over and over with felt ornaments. This will keep her busy for hours! 

  1. Decorate with Toys

Stuffed animals and toys are great for decorating a home with babies or toddlers. You can have various toys around the house or along the stairs. Think stuffed Santa and reindeer or little elves all around the house. Alternatively, you can buy a stuffed toy nativity set that your kiddo will absolutely love! Just make sure everything is age-appropriate and baby-safe

  1. String Lights Higher Up the Tree So They Can’t Be Reached

To prevent your little one from pulling on the lights, consider stringing them higher up the tree or inside the tree as opposed to outside. 

  1. Redirect Every Time

No matter how you have decorated this Christmas, your little one will inevitably make her way to the tree at some point. When you see her heading there, step in as soon as you can and redirect her attention to something else. Provide fun, safe alternatives such as a snack, toy, or their own tree. After a while, she’ll get used to the main tree, and you’ll find yourself having to redirect her attention elsewhere a lot less. 

Final Thoughts

With the tips and tricks outlined above, your Christmas decorations should be baby and toddler friendly. With a little luck, they might even last till Christmas! At the end of the day, though, while the decorations are great, Christmas is all about having fun and spending time with your loved ones. Even if everything isn’t looking perfect, try not to sweat the little stuff! Merry Christmas!