PPD Gone!

Approved! New Mommy Media Product ReviewsPPD Gone! is a free, valuable resource for those suffering from postpartum depression (as well as for their family members and friends). Provided by Clinical Psychologist Dr. Shoshana Bennett, one of the foremost experts on PPD (who experienced severe PPD herself- twice) you'll find useful tools, tips, advice, strategies, audios and videos, but if needed, you'll also find access to immediate help that will get you on the road to a full recovery.

PPD Gone! provides you the specialized. credible information and support you need to conquer the debilitating consequences of postpartum depression. Whether you yourself are suffering from postpartum depression or you have a loved one that you're concerned about, in downloading this app you've just taken the most important step. The truth is, the faster you and your loved one find effective, credible information and support (which could include coaching, counseling, psychotherapy or medical advice), the closer you'll be to recovery.

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