Close5: Buy and Sell Locally

Approved! New Mommy Media Product ReviewsClose5 is an easy and fun way to buy & sell locally. Find items for sale in your neighborhood and broadcast what you’re selling to those around you in just seconds! It’s classifieds made easier. Find deals on home goods, fashionable clothing, accessories, as well as baby & kid items. Search within 5 miles, or extend your search radius to scope out items in new areas. Sign in with your email address to get started, or sign in with Facebook for an even quicker experience! List your items in seconds – No price or description needed! Discover items around you – Watch an item, ask a question, or make your offer! Chat privately – Once an offer is accepted, chat privately to discuss when & where to meet. No phone numbers, no emails necessary. Close5 is the free safer option for local buying & selling. All ads are monitored by our dedicated Community team. High fives for local buying & selling!

Price: FREE

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