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Preggie Pals
Maximizing Your Maternity and Postpartum Clothes
Episode 83, December 9th, 2013

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SUNNY GAULT: Let's face it; there are a lot of new expenses for expecting parents everything from prenatal care to preparing for baby nursery. This leaves many mom strap for cash when it comes to covering their growing bumps. So how do you maximize your maternity and postpartum clothes so you get more benefit for your buck? Today you will hear from companies who have designed clothes to help you look and feel great during pregnancy and postpartum. This is a special holiday edition of Preggie Pals, Parent Savers and The Boob Group live from 2013 ABC kids expo.
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SUNNY GAULT: Welcome to a special live recording from the 2013 ABC kids expo. I'm Sunny Gault, I'm the host of Preggie Pals. In this episode we will be discussing how to maximize your maternity and postpartum clothes. We are joined by companies who have designed clothes for moms with different body types all of which are providing free products for our listener. It's all part of December giveaways designed to reward all of our new mom’s and dad’s out there who have survivor yet another year of parenthood. Learn about these great products at the end of the show. So let's start by learning more about the companies and the people who are representing them. So let's kind of go around the room a little bit, Kari if you don't mind let's start with you. Tell us a little about yourself.
KARI CADEN: Well I work with both of my sisters which at times can be very challenging. We created Belly Bandit, it's the first postpartum compression band. We kind of evolved into before, during and after wear.
KARI CADEN: How it came about, it’s kind of a funny story. My sister gained 55 pounds with her first and she was so miserable. All she can do is complain. We called her the constant complainer. And I think her biggest problem with losing it, she had a huge spear tire, huge muffin tops and so upon learning she was pregnant with her second she said would you carry my baby I'm serious I can't go through this again. I would pay you to carry my baby. We decided to do some research work with the OBGYN’s and came up with a compression band, did a lot of research and what can work and found out that other cultures came to the table with, just rapping themselves in different materials. Nothing that stacking, nothing that had a compression to it.
KARI CADEN: Five years later here we are with a full line of different wear for women.
SUNNY GAULT: Right, now do you have any kids of your own yet?
KARI CADEN: No, I have a dog
SUNNY GAULT: You’re going to be well prepared.
KARI CADEN: I'm going to be we'll prepare but we kind of call them communal kids, my sister has two.
KARI CADEN: So sometime they look and call me mom accidently, my sister we are all very close.
SUNNY GAULT: Right, well great thanks so much for joining us. And Melanie tell us a little about yourself.
MELANIE HERSCHORN: I'm Melanie Hirshorn, I got to say I wish I worked with my two sisters, really jealous. I do this whole thing by myself, I have Udderly Hot Mama it's fashionable and functional nursing tops for mom’s who want to look great while their nursing their children and the way it came about was my daughter would not take a bottle.She was 11 months before she would take a bottle and she was nursing around the clock. So when she was 15 months I was finally able to wean her but it was around that point that I said I really need to do something for moms like me.
MELANIE HERSCHORN: I'm so tired of wearing oversize shirts I'm tired of ripping the clothing trying to get to my boob in time. And I don't want to show people my spare tire I had an emergency C-section and it just doesn't look the same down there. It never will. So I don't want people to see my stomach or my back and so I thought alright I'm going to stop doing journalism which is when I do for living and I'm going to start this company called Udderly Hot Mama and so we actually went online in April we are available online and trying to get into some retail stores, that’s why we are here on ABC kids.
MELANIE HERSCHORN: And the way the shirt works is pretty simple.It pulls down and there's an insert a flap that sits on the breastbone to give mom coverage on her chest, she pulls the shirt down the baby covers the boob and then she's covered on her stomach and her back and when she is done nursing babies wean, this patent pending flat snaps right out and she can wear the shirt as a regular top.
SUNNY GAULT: I love it, multifunctional.
MELANIE HERSCHORN: Multifunctional.
SUNNY GAULT: We are going to talk about that later on. That's great. Okay Jen tell us a little aboutyourself.
JEN HAJT: Well I'm one of the co-owners of the Naked Tank and I actually work with one of my best friends with it, so kind of a relation we actually always get asked if we were sisters. But we have two kids and we created the tank when we are running around with her second ones and nursing on demand and at the park and everywhere. We be lifting our shirts up and like everybody has a problem we are showing off our not so flattering midsection to the world. And we just needed a leering tank and so what we did, we actually are manufactured in Canada and it's out of a really nice stretch bamboo fabric and it's a transitional piece. So when we realized we had this really great fabric we were working with, and you can she wear it during your pregnancy as a Leering tank and because the bamboo maintains its shape wash after wash, it actually maintains the shape that you originally bought it in. So it takes your from day one of your pregnancy right through to nine months when you are really big and then afterward, if you buy a small it maintains that size, so it's back to a small so you can wear it all the way down graduating sizes till your back and your postpartum you know your final weight that you are going to stay at like your pre-pregnancy weight. The tank is unique because we’ve taken out the chest completely out of it so it's extra long it stays down when you lift up your shirt to nurse the baby your midsection is covered. But what's unique about our tank is that you can wear whatever bra you want with that you're not limited to wearing just a nursing bra, which is fantastic first few months but once you're back at the gym or once you're back at the office you want to wear out your regular bra or sports bra.
JEN HAJT: To access those you literally need to be able to pull it from the bottom. So ours accommodates every bra, every body type, every wardrobe style and you just need a couple of leering tanks underneath and then you're pretty much good to go.
SUNNY GAULT: Alright, do you have any children?
JEN HAJT: Yeah I've got two, they are crazy balls, yeah there two boys and if they're pretty funny so.
SUNNY GAULT: I bet every mom would say that right. I would say that because I have two boys and it’s a boy thing.
JEN HAJT: Yes, it is a boy thing; I don’t think they stop moving around.
SUNNY GAULT: I know right. Where do they get that energy from?
JEN HAJT: They snap it out of you; I think it’s a direct. They take it from you and then you have none left.
SUNNY GAULT: Right exactly.
JEN HAJT: That start from pregnancy.
SUNNY GAULT: Right, yeah when they start kicking you in the stomach.
Today we're talking about maximizing your maternity and postpartum clothes so let's just dive into these conversation ladies because I know when we buy maternity clothes, we all want to look and feel great. No matter how big we are getting, because we don't have a lot of control over that. We still want to feel pretty and feel like people still want to look at us. Like our husbands and partners and stuff still want to be with us. Let's talk little bit about what recommendations you guys have for pregnant women when they are starting out during their first pregnancy. What advice you have for women out there that are starting from square one and no maternity postpartum clothes?
JEN HAJT: That is a great question; I think our philosophy is to basically stick to basics it's not really time to change our style and do anything drastic or dramatic.
JEN HAJT: And what we hear a lot is I don't have the budget to buy an entire new wardrobe.
JEN HAJT: So again you were talking about multi functional pieces and we try make everything so you can wear it. We have a line call BDA, before during and after pregnancy.
SUNNY GAULT: Oh I love that.
JEN HAJT: So our tank tops, our pants, our shirt extender, everything that we build we do multifunction included. I think it's very important for women not to feel like they're buying a $50-$80 product and they are only going to us it for a few months. Kind of those pieces like our support band, it’s called the Uppsey Belly. You're going to wear it only while you’re pregnant and while the heavy weight is sitting on your bladder, varicose veins and the fun hemorrhoids all those great add-ons you get being pregnant. But I think that there are times to splurge and then there is time to kind of be realistic and stay in budget.
SUNNY GAULT: What do you think?
MELANIE HERSCHORN: Well I was fortunate enough to have two giant boxes handed to me full of maternity clothes.
MELANIE HERSCHORN: But I lived in stretch pants.
MELANIE HERSCHORN: And I would recommend getting stretch pants because they stretch with you and then they stretch back in.
MELANIE HERSCHORN: You can really get away with wearing your tops because the way styles are now, things are form fitting you know. When our mom’s were having us, it was not okay to be showing your belly the way it is now. Women didn't walk around bikinis while they were pregnant and get shown to us weekly, that was not what happened. They hid it, so now it's fashionable, it's sexy to be pregnant. So it's okay to show it off and if you have stuff you that is a little bit tight that's okay It’snice. So you don't necessarily have to go out and splurge but of course you might get tired of your clothes want to get one or two things.
SUNNY GAULT: Yeah I think my issue is, it’s when it rides up. I think Jen you touch a little bit, I like the longer shirts. I don’t mind things being tight, I kind of like showing off my bump, you know. But it’s when it rides up I’m kind of like you know I don’t know if I want to show that much you know just every day stuff.
MELANIE HERSCHORN: Yeah definitely to increase longevity like get you know couple of your staple pieces and definitely the stretch pants, yoga pants every mom is wearing it.
SUNNY GAULT: Yes definitely.
MELANIE HERSCHORN: And that is one thing about our tank, it is extra long four inches in the bottoms so itdoes increase longevity of your already shrinking wardrobe you know. As nine months comes along your shirts get a little shorter and shorter if you got a couple of good pieces to go on underneath that. It's really going to increase lifetime of what you wearing already.
JEN HAJT: I was just going to add in a lot of women think it is time to go to the gap and buy a four double XL T-shirt that's absolutely the wrong way to go.
JEN HAJT: You need form fitting, you need it longer. So the smarter way is to shop for the basics and I think like you said doing pants we have a BDA line
like I said and I'm actually wearing them now I'm not pregnant
SUNNY GAULT: They look good.
JEN HAJT: Yeah absolutely.
SUNNY GAULT: Okay so when do you think women pregnant women should start wearing these clothes I mean and I know this is all subjective right. And everywoman need to kind of do what works for them but in your own personal experiences if you guys have been pregnant before. When did you start wearing maternity clothes and did it very for your pregnancies right.
KARI CADEN: Yeah you know I didn't wear very many pregnancy clothes – like maternity close during my pregnancy but I think it was the style I Shopped in a lot of the – just the regular you know run-of-the-mill stores like Old Navy whole bunch of stuff that was regular and in the style was really good but I really think that if you are working if you're on your feet a lot, you do want to invest a good pair of compression tights or for something I just can go underneath your clothes that you’re wearing right now. And also to get a couple of really nice shirts that you can wear out but really styles are you know just depends on what you're comfortable in. And at the end of the day you got be comfortable in what you're wearing and if that’s only found in a maternity shirt, then you really should invest in that. Not a whole bunch but you do need to feel comfortable when you're walking around especially because if it’s not fitting you right, it's digging in you just have more stress and tension by the end of the day. So it just depends on what fits you what time it is and that's exactly not splurging, don't buy a head that's another thing don't think you are to be super big come down the line because you never know – usually the last couple weeks you tend to lose a little bit of weight too, sure.
JEN HAJT: Oh really that didn’t happen to me.
SUNNY GAULT: What’s your secret Jen?
JEN HAJT: Oh my gosh, I don’t have any secrets. I was showing…
KARI CADEN: You’re supposed to say the Belly Bandit. That was after, there you go.
JEN HAJT: I was showing at four weeks.
SUNNY GAULT: Oh really.
JEN HAJT: And my pants stop fitting and I had to hide it from work for another two months so.
SUNNY GAULT: And that was with you first?
JEN HAJT: I have one daughter she is two. Yes so I was literally just wearing big baggy sweaters to cover it but once I announced it. I started to show it off.
SUNNY GAULT: What do you think about bra’s and undergarments in this whole thing? Because we are talking about a lot of clothes you wear in the outside but as a pregnant woman too, I think it’s important to feel good on the inside. You know how it is sometimes when you buy a nice bra’s and a nice pair of panties something like that. Even if no one else sees it you may have a little more peep in your step and you may have just feel more sexy and exude that. So what are your ladies feelings about that and did you use that in your pregnancies.
JEN HAJT: Oh yeah, I definitely did. What's the logo it's look sassy on the inside, feel sassy on the outside but yes it really is. That something good, you have to be to be comfortable, it’s like a good pair shoes you can get the nice-looking shoes and if they are not comfortable you are actually just thinking about that all day and I really think that is – when you’re pregnant your body is changing and all the time it is changing and if you're comfortable wearing what your wearing, it's one less thing to think about. Your are worried about you having a baby and all these new things are coming to your life. But when you are comfortable in your clothing, comfortable in your shoes, I think it's very important so if you can have something to give that little bit of like energy and in a little bit more pep in your style.
SUNNY GAULT: Definitely
JEN HAJT: Just make sure it’s really getting it offers really good support because that's you know that’s one of the main things that you need the belly bandit.
SUNNY GAULT: I'm going to like totally have to buy a belly bandit right now.
JEN HAJT: I use it after my pregnancies and it was fantastic. It’s just one of those things your pants fit a little better because you have it on. You’re back in your pre-pregnancy clothes a lot quicker because you have it on and it's just like having that a little bit more confident so we don'.
KARI CADEN: And I am sure she is not on our payroll.
JEN HAJT: No I am not. But it’s true when you comfortable in your clothes and what you're wearing, you are more confident and that is just one thing less you have to think about.
KARI CADEN: I'm just jump in because I so agree with you our line was built so women felt better because when you feel better you do better, you are better and it's a confidence it's just the confidence boost. And I will say that most of our pieces steam from that mentality. We have a line called the mother tucker line. Again it tucks you in everywhere you need to be tucked because you’re going through time when your body has thoroughly changed. You are trying to get back to what you feel comfortable with. So if you're not there, you hide it, you fake it until you make it.
SUNNY GAULT: Right! It’s true! Absolutely!
JEN HAJT: So with undergarments for me when I was pregnant I all of a sudden had big boobs it was great but I never got a new bra. So I was never really comfortable and afterward I was wearing nursing bra which had a lot more room but I couldn't find anything to wear on the I never felt good so that’s what sparked Udderly Hot Mama and I unfortunately didn't have it in time. So I suffer through it till my baby was wean but I totally agree that you bake it.
SUNNY GAULT: What advice you lady have for sizing because I know it we talked about this just a little bit where women go out and they buy a size 3X or whatever that maybe do that too early in their pregnancy when they don't know what they're going to end up looking like. But in general what you advise women when women come to you for the products you guys are selling. Is it that we should purchase what we are pre-pregnancy weight, what is it?
JEN HAJT: Specifically for our tanks, you buy your pre-pregnancy size that because of the bamboo fabric and you can work during pregnancy and you wanted to fit you when you’re back into your pre-pregnancy size okay when you finish nursing. So that we recommend that but definitely any mom pay attention to what did you recommend because most of the manufacturers they will recommend the size for you to buy. And don’t overestimate the size you actually are. We got a lot of mom’s that are coming to us and they are like I am a large, and I am like no you are small. You have a giant belly right now but you are still small. So make sure you don't oversize yourself because then it's not going to fit you, it’s going to hang off and it’s going be irritating if you get too big. So definitely I would say pay attention to what manufacture does recommend.
SUNNY GAULT: Anything else?
MELANIE HERSCHORN: For Udderly Hot Mama we say that you're basically go down to your weight that you were at five months wants you give birth. So because we have a spandex ramp (unclear) that is really stretch, it snaps back no matter what it's very forgiving. If you were a small before likely you will either be a small or medium after and the way we did our sizing it is 1-2-3-4 instead of small to extra-large so after you had a baby you can say “Oh I’m a size 4”.
SUNNY GAULT: I love that that totally works for me. Okay great, anything else you want to add Kari
KARI CADEN: The price is a little different the Belly Bandit when you size yourself for this you can either do it when you're eight or ninth month or post pregnancy depending on when you get the product but there's a whole sizing chart in a video because it's confusing. A lot of women you know automatically go I'll just get what I was pre-pregnancy and that at times can be unrealistic especially if you gained you know 50 to 70 pounds which is very common
SUNNY GAULT: This is wishful thinking get back down you know like the celebrities doing two days
KARI CADEN: So sizing is – you really do have to read the boxes when it comes to being pregnant and in the world of maternity because there's a lot of different ways to go.
SUNNY GAULT: Alright we are going to take a quick break when we come back we are going to talk about some ways to save money when we are buying the clothes that we need for maternity and postpartum so will be right back.
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SUNNY GAULT: Welcome back everyone today we are talking about maximizing your maternity and postpartum clothes and we are live from the 2013 ABC kids expo and we have so great companies here that has some really great ideas from mamas out there and some ways. Right now we are going to talk about to save money and we are talking about maternity and postpartum clothes. So ladies what are some practical ways that you either advise people to save money or that you did during your own pregnancies Melanie.
MELANIE HERSCHORN: Well I was lucky enough like I had previously mentioned to get two giant boxes full of maternity clothes so I really only needed to supplement with things that felt cute or fashionable at the time. Just to touch on Udderly Hot Mama and saving money, the whole point is to feel cute but also not to spend an arm and a leg on nursing clothes because you don't know if you're going to nurse for six weeks, six months or maybe even six years exactly and so we have this patent pending insert that will come out and so you can then where the top as a regular top bring it into your everyday wardrobe going forward after nursing nice
JEN HAJT: Yes something that is a transitional pieces definitely jump on that, like with our Tanks, you wear them underneath any of your clothes, so what we tell moms if they are looking to save some money they can invest in one or two of our tanks. They were underneath any of their clothes and because you're graduating down in size you can take your maternity clothes so whatever fits you at the time postmaternity or postpartum is what you would wear so you can actually use all of your maternity clothes coming back down into your back into your pre-pregnancy wardrobe. So anything that is transitional is definitely going to save you money. You may want to splurge on a couple of things but yeah definitely make sure that you're going to get like a good lifetime out of what you’re buying.
KARI CADEN: We have the same mentality our line theMother Tucker Line with a compression breast-feeding tank and it compresses 360 all the way around there's no compression on the breasts and it's a simple pullover but what we have found is that moms keep coming back and buying second and third pieces for after they're done breast-feeding because you can wear it out under a cute little jacket, under a little sweater, so it's again it's a piece of keeps giving and who don’t want a little extra compression?
SUNNY GAULT: It is comfortable – sometimes when I in compression I am like I wouldn’t be able to breathe but its not like that
KARI CADEN: So we say it's confidence in a box and our tagline is “don't nip it or suck it just rather tuck it” because you don’t need to go under the knife when you got this. I agree it's always about elongating the wardrobe as long as possible.
SUNNY GAULT: Yeah I thought layering helps to and like yeah things can help and like things can help with layering also
JEN HAJT: Yeah they definitely can and actually with the Naked Tank, well you can wear even when you're not breast-feeding to see you could actually I still wear mine today and I don't breast feed anymore. But the Naked Tank doesn't have a necklines so it is showing off anything at the top. But you definitely can wear with the cute little blazer it would be more like Lady Gaga. It was really hot mama tops, I wear them, they were designed after I stop breast feeding but I still wear them.
SUNNY GAULT: And I have those types of clothes too and those are nice that you get more out of it and you know it feels like you are swimming in it when you are done but it doesn’t feel too tight or too restrictive you know when you are in that mid period when you just had your baby and you are like OKAY I am working on this and that weight so…
MELANIE HERSCHORN:I think this is the time you splurge, this splurge on the basics that's going to take you from start to finish and you were talking about yours. Yeah we came out with a product called the flawless belly so it has a technology that were you apply all your lotions and creams and your belly and so your moisturizing 24/7 and it's not messing up your clothes, it's a panic extender, its a shirt extender and it support again your spending one time for a product that will take you from start to finish that hasn't you know a number of functions to it.
KARI CADEN: That actually she really raised a good point which is splurge on the basics. Those are the ones that are going to get you everything you can always got them to be your support with everything yeah definitely going to make a splurge, splurge on the basics and include a couple really nice nursing shirts, a couple good compression shirts and you know something that's really comfortable yeah that's definitely good advice.
SUNNY GAULT: Alright! Good advice ladies! Well thank you so much for joining us today and participating in today's episode we are offering some great giveaways to our listeners it is part of our December giveaways designed to reward new moms and dads for surviving another year parenthood so before we say goodbye let's go around the room and you guys are getting was a great pieces, so tell us a little bit about the products that you guys are giving away so our mama’s out there can get all excited about it. So Jen let's start with you.
JEN HAJT: Well we’re giving away two Naked Nursing Tanks, one of them will be from our luxury bamboo line and the other one is a classic cotton line so you get to pick your size or color which line that you want and yeah it's going to be something that will take you from beginning pregnancy right through to now.
SUNNY GAULT: We will be talking a lot about the bamboo…everyone is excited. Alright Melanie go ahead.
MELANIE HERSCHORN: Udderly Hot Mama we are going to give away one sassy scoop-neck and you can take a look at it on our website and you will get to choose your size and color as well because with apparel we can't just send you a size 3 when you're a size 2.
SUNNY GAULUT: Okay thanks Melanie and finally Kari, I know you're giving away a Belly Bandit which of course is your signature piece and it's a compression peace designed to help you slimmed-down after you've had your baby and as we talked about in the show I have actually are you know like Jen I’ve heard a lot of good things about this product
JEN HAJT: I'm a little biased but I do think everywoman needs two things a Belly Bandit to shrink the belly waist and hips post pregnancy and I think they need a great support belt because the support it gives your back the legs if you have sciatica it… You know it lifts the belly from the uterus so you don't have to go to bathroom 15 times an hour and people don't realize when they're walking around holding their belly that there's products out there that can do it for you. We have, I am wearing one right now “Uppsybelly” and even though I'm not pregnant for standing all day long at a tradeshow for eight – nine hours a day it's amazing relief.
MELANIE HERSCHORN: Can I borrow one?
JEN HAJT: Absolutely!
MELANIE HERSCHORN: I threw my back out four times after I had my daughter in about six months I wish I had one of those.
SUNNY GAULT: Okay if you like to win one of these products, visit our website and click on giveaways. Winners will be randomly selected within the next week and contact via email. Thanks to all the companies who have joined us for this episode after the show we will have some bonus content for members of our clubs, we will be discussing what happens when you know you are going to have multiple kids and you don't know obviously when your future kids are going to be born, one could be born in the summer, one could be born in the winter, how do you plan for that. For more information about our clubs visit the members section on all of our websites, and . Coming up next week it's another great episode live from the ABC kids expo, “great accessories for breast-feeding mothers”. Thanks for listening.
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