Does Circumcision Harm Breastfeeding?

We know birth interventions can impact our ability to breastfeed our babies, but what about treatments or procedures that typically happen within the first few days of birth, such as circumcision? Can circumcision impair your ability to successfully breastfeed your baby? Today we’re talking with moms on both sides of the issue to learn more about their personal experiences.

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Does Circumcision Harm Breastfeeding?


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SUNNY GAULT: We know that birth interventions can impact our ability to breastfeed our babies from the moment they are born. But what about treatments or procedures that typically happen within the first few days of birth such as circumcision. Can circumcision impair your ability to successfully breastfeed your baby? Today we are talking with parents on both sides of the issue to learn more about their personal experience. We are The Boob Group.

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SUNNY GAULT: Welcome to the Boob Group. We are here to support all Moms wanting to provide breast milk for their babies. I’m Sunny Gault and am co-hosting the show today. But not by myself we have some other Moms that are here that I will introduce you to in just a second. Have you subscribed to The Boob Group Newsletter? We do send out a new email each time we release an episode so it is a great way to learn more about our new content. If you have a smartphone and you like apps, well who does not like apps? Right? Well, you’re in luck because all our episodes are available on our free apps for The Boob Group. We also have network apps for all of our shows here at New Mommy Media so you can download either or you can download them whatever you find apps. So let’s go ahead and meet the Moms that are joining our conversation today. Moon let us start with you, tell us a bit about yourself and your family.

Moon: Well I have three children, two sons the youngest is 5 months the next one is 4 and then my daughter is 8.

Sunny Gault: Wonderful and tell us a little about your experience with circumcising and what is your stance?

Moon: We have no experience with circumcision I do not circumcise my sons’. I do not believe in it and we stay away from the whole topic period unless am outstanding, helping educate people on circumcision.

Sunny Gault: Angel tells us a little about yourself and your stand on circumcision?

Angel Moore: Hey, my name is Angel Moore I am a blogger, actress and podcaster as well. Me and my husband have a podcast on iTunes called Is This Going To Cause An Argument. I am a mother of three boys they are 6 and then I have two twins that are 1 year old and all three of my boys are circumcised.

Sunny Gault: And go ahead Miranda why don’t we introduce you as our Expert and tell us a little about yourself your family.

Miranda: So I have two children a son that just turned three and a daughter that is 4. They are 14 months apart. My son is intact, I had to, it was a big struggle with his father to keep him that way because he was very passionate about doing it so I had to look at myself and think can I do this and will I live with myself if I do this. And it actually turned out to be that you know he says am very passionate about circumcising my son and that was just challenge to me because now I ran a page called The Peace For Anti-Activist with over 2000 fans.I protested in San Antonio and Arizona against circumcision and am just way more passionate about it than he is now. So it is just funny how that turned out. I also manage the sisterhood of breastfeeding support on Facebook. And am also an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. So this is what I do, I help Mom breastfeed and am an anti-activist and I fight for all kinds of rights. We all want autonomy and everything and that is what I live for.

Sunny Gault: Awesome! I know Miranda you wrote a blog post on this which is kind of the basis we learnt a little bit more about today topic. Will be sure to post that on the episode page for this episode. I can introduce myself tell you guys a little bit about myself. So I have four kids, two of which are boys. My oldest two are 5 year old and 3 year old both were circumcised and I also have twin girls who are just about 2 and a half months as well. My husband and I did not have an issue with this at all. I asked him because I had been working on New Mommy Media show and we had done some episodes on circumcision. So I had kind of a neutral stance on it and I asked him and he really was like “No I am really passionate about them being circumcised”. And really the conversation stopped there, because I was kind of in the middle of the road and he really wanted them to be. So that is kind of little about us and am sure all of our experiences we are going to share a little bit more about that as we continue on today’s conversation.

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SUNNY GAULT: So before we kick off today's show we do have a question from one of our listeners. We love when you send us questions. We have some IBCLCs that are on standby that love to answer some of your questions. And instead of just emailing the response to you guys we like to include them in the show because odds are and they help another breastfeeding or pumping Mom out there. So this question comes from Abby and I will go ahead and read it. She says; “Hey my name is Abby and I have 4 Month old twins,’ another twin Mom. ‘I have tried and tried to breastfeed it is coming to an end but I do want to exclusively pump they no longer want to latch because I have had to supplement from day one. How do I increase my supply while exclusively pumping? What should my pumping frequency be? Thank you in advance your podcast is simply amazing and I appreciate your support. Thank you Abby”.

Michelle Stumberger: This is Michelle Stumberger am an IBCLC with Metropolitan Breastfeeding located in the DC area. Hi Abby congratulation on your twins. Your question about pumping is a great one and I know a lot of Moms have questions about this subject. First of all I hope you are using a hospital-grade pump. Please consider renting a hospital-grade pump to make sure you are maximizing your milk production. Generally, the insurance retail grade pumps just from cutting for exclusive pumping. You asked how you can increase your supply and what frequency you should be pumping.

The best way to increase your supply is to increase the demand to make sure you are pumping frequently and completely emptying your breast at each pumping session. This is always the first step to a good supply. If you find that you need a boost you can look at Galactic supplements designed to increase supply such as mother love or milk plus or Sugar pod galactus. As for specific frequency your best bet is to aim to pump at the same interval as the babies are eating. Right now that is probably every 2-3 hours during the day and then once or twice overnight. Keep an eye on your 24 hour total and adjust when necessary. Finally make sure you are making pumping as easy on yourself as possible. Consider buying a hands-free pumping bra or viable adaptor to make sure you are not feeling change at the top. And as always contact a local IBCLC for more information as you need additional help. Good luck.

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Sunny Gault: So today we ask the question Does Circumcision Harm Breastfeeding? Now before we introduce our expert and really dive into the topic, we do need to make a quick disclaimer here before we start our conversation and that is we know circumcision is a very hot button topic. And we do not want the conversation today to go the way of are you pro or just kind of going the pros and cons of circumcision. That is not the point of this episode. We specifically want to talk about its potential impact on breastfeeding.

So in fact our sister show Parent saver has done some episodes specifically on circumcision, so if you happen to find this episode and you are looking for more of that pro and cones have done at least two episodes on circumcision. One was more pro and one was more stain intact and I will include the links for those episodes on the episode page for this particular episode. But so you know that is just a quick disclaimer here. If you are wondering why we are not going into the pro and cons that is not the point of today’s episode.

So let us go ahead and introduce our expert you kind of met her a little bit earlier so our expert today is Miranda Gayego. She is an IBCLC obviously she is very passionate about this topic. She has written a blog post that I mentioned and will be sure to link to it. Miranda thanks so much for joining us today on the boob group.

Miranda: Thank you.

Sunny Gault: So I feel like before we dive into the question for this episode about does circumcision impact breast feeding and how we need to kind of go over some basics here’s let us start with what circumcision is and what typically happens during the process Miranda.

Miranda: So Circumcision is a prophylactic surgery. It really kind of offers no immediate medical benefit and it removes healthy tissue from individuals unable to consent. It is a painful procedure even with an anesthetic. And it begins with the foreskin being grasped with the forceps and the opening being forcefully stretched open. Then a metal probe is inserted into the foreskin opening which tears the foreskin away from the glands and it is in here, it is in here to the glands like your nail is on your finger. After that cut is made down the middle of the foreskin with scissors, then the foreskin is crashed and clamped using a Gomco and it is cut off by a scalpel. So that is pretty much what happens and it is usually in the hospital about 12 hours after birth a pediatrician can do it, a gynecologist and unitologist. Lots of people can do this.

Sunny Gault: So for the vast majority circumcision happens with what within the first couple of days of birth?

Miranda: Right. First couple of days and it is usually after the first 12 hours. Because they need to make sure the baby is stable.

Sunny Gault: So I know Angel all three of your boys are circumcised, so was the process pretty similar or can you explain. I know you may not have even been in the room. I know some places do not let parents go in the room. But what do you remember of the process of circumcision with your boys?

Angela Moore: So I was not in the room but I would have never gone to a hospital that did not allow us in the room. My husband went into the room and I know with the first son he remembered being like that was crazy. With the twins he was like they took that very well like they did not, I guess whatever the numbing cream they used, he was like the babies did not cry at all when they brought them back into me. It was maybe like an hour later. They were gone from me for like an hour. They were very calm and very quiet. But I remember with the first one he was like because this was his first time seeing the procedure done. He was like that was a little crazy. And then the second time he was like that went really well the babies were very quiet. So for me I was recovering in my bed I did not go but we were at a hospital. They were unable to take my children anywhere that one of us was unable to go. So he was with them through all the procedures.

Sunny Gault: And had you been up for it would they have allowed you to go because I distinctly remember them telling me that they did not allow parents in there. Which maybe I should have researched before. Now that am listening to you Angel but I did not. So they would have allowed the mom too to go there do you think?

Angela Moore: Yes they would have allowed either one of us but I had figured I had just did a bunch of work. That I deserved the right to just lay in the bed if I felt like it’s they would have let either one of us go but since he was more than willing to go.

Sunny Gault: Okay I did not know if I mentioned this before, asked this question before but Angel were you and your husband on the same page when it came to circumcision?

Angela Moore: 100%. I was not passionate like either way but I was already leaning towards circumcision because all the men in my family are not that we have tons of men in our family so that was just what I was used to. But he was very adamant that he wanted his sons circumcised.

Sunny Gault: Okay, sounds like my husband. So you said he said that the first one, with your first son was kind of crazy. So to your knowledge did that change how he felt about circumcision after seeing it performed?

Angela Moore: No, I do not think he thought it was going to be something cute I do not think he thought it was about to be like this, like a fairy was going to come down and his son no longer had foreskin. But I think being one that he was his first son. So it was his first time feeling connected to another human being in that way and seeing this procedure happen to his first son I think it was just all that hitting at once, made the whole situation and he just for the first time saw a woman give birth in front of him, a couple days before? So I think it was all a bit happening. All that happening at once it made it just like a crazy experience you know to actually see that happening to a baby for the first time.

Sunny Gault: And like I said I was not actually there either when they did the procedure but I do know and I ask the question when the baby was brought back as far as how the baby reacted. I do not remember what they said with my first son but I do remember with the second son they said he did not even cry. Which I thought was crazy am like what you mean he did not cry, like they just snapped off a huge portion, not a huge portion but significant portion of skin at a very sensitive area. Like why would he not cry? But I do remember them saying that with my second son which I just, it totally stands out in my mind you know as being part of the process. So now that we have shared a little bit about our specific experiences with circumcision let us switch, kind of keep that in the back of your mind. Let us switch now and talk about milk production. So Miranda back to you. What typically happened shortly after birth and made it even in the ladder stages of the pregnancy as far as milk production is concerned and what do most Moms typically experience?

Miranda: So while you are pregnant your body is creating Colostrum it has been there since 13 weeks to 16 weeks of pregnancy. It continues to about between days 2 to 5 or 3 to 5 is when milk really starts to increase in volume. But you have very meniscal amount of Colostrum in your breast and it is really important that the baby is nursing frequently because at such small portions they need those calories to prevent being dehydrated. So that they do not become jaundice and all that other stuff you know. So the more the baby are on the breast the quicker your uterus is going to shrink preventing you from possibly hemorrhaging and the quicker your milk volume should increase and the quicker your baby will recover from being born and actually get to the mature milk which is important like I said before preventing dehydration. You really do not want to let your baby get beyond 10 % of the weight loss because then that increases their risk for those negative outcomes

Sunny Gault: So let us toss it over to our Moms here, Moon tell us a little about how long you can I mean, I guess it does not matter if it is a boy or a girl but how long were your babies on the breast, in the beginning, was it constantly?

Moon: Yes, pretty much they were, we were either breastfeeding in our sleep, that is basically how at least the first two weeks were breastfeeding, sleeping and changing diapers. Which is one of the reasons why I love breastfeeding because you can do both at the same time because I can sleep and breastfeed at the same time.

Sunny Gault: How did milk production turn out for you moon with your kids? Was it immediate, did you have issues with milk coming in?

Moon: You know when I had my first child, my daughter, breastfeeding sucked. I could not keep her awake. I had the hardest time getting her to latch properly. I did not know what the heck I was doing, she did not know what the heck she was doing. Unfortunately the hospital that I chose did not know the heck they were doing. So it took us at least 3 to 4 weeks before we finally figured it out by reaching out to someone else outside the hospital for them to help us. But once the milk actually started going around 4-5 weeks along. I had enough milk where I was donating milk to every person that would take it.

Sunny Gault: That is amazing actually. And Angel what about you?

Angela Moore: You know I am the Dairy Queen, I have never had a problem with my milk supply and I was really nervous with the twins because I was determined to breastfeed them. And at first I kind of got confused and I forgot that I had only one child at first because with little Marcus I had so much milk stored up that I ended up not using majority of it. Like there was a lot that ended up being thrown out once he was done nursing. I should have donated it I do not know what I was thinking at that time. But with the twins when I realized I did not have this huge surplus. I forgot that I was feeding 2 children and not just one. But even still I have a freezer full of milk when I did pump from the beginning. So milk supply was, my body knew that, figured out earlier on that I had two kids and I decided to make enough for me to feed those two plus another random child if they so needed it.

Sunny Gault: Plenty to go around. I guess I have a similar story to tell. My milk came in fine. I do not know that I would say I had a crazy oversupply with my boys because I did feel like that is the reason that I was not able to breastfeed with the boys for as long as I wanted to because I felt like it was a supply issue. Not that my body was not generating enough milk I do not believe that. I just believe that you know either, I was not pumping enough or I was not doing something to really stimulate to have enough milk. So I had a little issue there but I know it was not my body because when the twins came around I mean Angel very similar situation. My body goes to this weird thing within like, it is like when my milk, the full milk comes in like day three or something like that. I am just all over the place, I am the Dairy Queen at that point. But within a few days my body is really good at regulating. Okay, that is way too much and we got just here because you do not need that much milk. But it like come in like crazy. Like am a faucet.

And with the mistake that I made I think with my boys my singletons is that I was letting that milk go to waste. It was just like, I was just, breast pads were soaking up the milk I suppose to me expressing it some way and keeping up the supply. And so when I knew that I was going to have my twins, I recalled that my body goes to that crazy stage and I thought you know what I need to do now is pump when that happens or wake up a couple of times in the middle of the night and pump. And try to keep up that supply so that my body knows that my girls are going to need it. Because in the beginning, I did have to exclusively pump for them because they were, they were not NICU babies but they were preemie babies so they could not latch properly. So sounds like nobody really had a really big supply issue in the beginning which is good. So now that we understand what typically happens during then circumcision we have talked about what Moms can expect with regards to milk production in the very beginning? When we come back after the break we are going to discuss what happens when this two collide. So Miranda is going to share some more thoughts on that we will be right back.

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SUNNY GAULT: Welcome back. Does circumcision harm breastfeeding? That is the question that we are asking today. And we have parents on both sides of the issue that have some different experiences. That we are going to continue to share with you guys but first let us toss this to Miranda our expert. Miranda what are some ways you believe circumcision can negatively impact breastfed babies.

Miranda: I was in the hospital watching circumcision, I was there doing my lactation consultancy [inaudible]. So this is where I get most of my experience, working with this babies that would not go to the breast. Seeing how circumcisions are done even with the best combination pain control available.

So I just want to state something that the American Academy of Pediatrics has said regarding circumcision and breastfeeding specifically so it says; “Newborn circumcision are a significant source of pain during the procedure and are associated with irritability and feeding disturbances during the days after work”. That comes straight from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Another thing that I saw in my time was that it required time spent away from the mothers and it was about three hours. Because if you are getting your baby back in 30 minutes or in an hour you can pretty much guarantee that they did not give them the right kind of pain control.

Study shows today that even when using that combination of pain control it does not completely eliminate the pain. And that is just for the procedure it does not help it and after and during the week that it is healing it is still going to be a painful thing every time the diaper is changed and every time the baby urinates which could end up being during the breastfeeding session. And then you have to worry about that and calming the baby down while you are trying to nurse and it is just going to end up being a cycle to where the baby is in pain, you need to calm them down but you are breastfeeding and it is just something you do not have to deal with. So they would bring the baby in for an hour and that is when they would apply the EMLA cream. And that is just the hour to make sure part 1 of the medication is working. But then after the procedure is done they would sit there and have the baby in the nursery for two hours to make sure the baby was not bleeding. So that is three hours that the baby is away from the mother in my experience. So not only is it taking the baby away from the breast. It is a traumatic event that could compromise the attachment between the mother and the child.

That is the part of the reason hospitals does not want the mother in there, because they can associate that pain with their mother or the breast.
How are you after the procedure? Even going to the dentist and getting a local injection you are just tired afterward. But these babies, the ones that I worked with sometimes it would be 6 or 8 hours before they would finally say okay I can eat and be awake and trying to help this Moms breastfeed. Their babies would start crying when they are urinating, they would not latch, they were just very tired. And like I said the baby depends on meniscal consistent feeding of Colostrum in order to thrive in the early days. Inadequate calorie intake can cause the baby to be too sleepy to eat which is contributing to that cycle. So no enough calories, they are tired they are not going to wake up to eat and that can lead to a weight loss of greater than 10% which can also increase your risk of needing to supplement. It is a real risk that not many people talk about so it is just putting it out there not every baby is going to have problems not every baby is not going to breastfeed and just take that into consideration. It is not an all and nothing thing it is just this is a risk and I have seen it as a lactation consultant happen. So you know the start of breastfeeding is rocky enough with your labor and your birth process and this is just one more thing that you might have to deal with.

Sunny Gault: Alright so there is obviously a lot to talk about here and I want to make everyone has some time to chat. Let us touch on one thing of time spent away from mothers, because that maybe different, I am thinking that might be different depending on where you deliver your baby.
Angel with you in particular, I know you said your husband went with the kids. Any idea how long the babies were away from you.

Angela Moore: It was no more than an hour. So when she said three hours I was like were they watching Titanic? I did not know, I was like what are they doing because I would have a huge problem with a 3 hour wait. I probably would have went but it was no more than an hour. They used the topical cream, they put a glob of Vaseline on the baby and they brought the baby back to me and the babies were still awake when they came back to me. But it was no more than an hour so I do not remember what state you were in Miranda.

Miranda: Am in Texas.

Angela Moore: Texas baby. So I know here the same OBGYN, my OBGYN did both of their circumcision, but did all three of my children circumcisions. So am not sure if he just quit.

Miranda: Well and another thing that I wanted to touch on was that the American Academy of Pediatrics says that they need to be using this pain methods. The AAP says they do not want babies to have unnecessary procedures that cause pain because of the negative outcome that is why they have this and only, the latest data that I have seen and I spent a lot of time keeping up with the recent data but only 45% of people that do circumcisions in the United states use the appropriate pain relief. So that is why when you getting your baby back so soon you know that they may have not done all the steps that is required by AAP to make sure your baby does not feel that much pain. And the hospital that I was did. So that is why, and you know the two hours of that was making sure the baby did not bleed so it was observation after that point but it was an hour and then do the procedure which was about 15-20 minutes and you know just watching.

Sunny Gault: So Moon I want to get you involved in this conversation. Some of the stuff that Miranda was talking about did you know this going in, did it help you make your decision as to whether or not to circumcise?

Moon: I did not know about the breastfeeding portion of things, going in with my son, my ex-husband and I spoke about it. He knew that I was adamant about not circumcising so it was not big deal for us like I asked a few people what the thinking was. But unfortunately in the Black community leaving your sons intact is very rare. So when I started speaking about it when I talked to Black Americans they are like what the heck. What kind of nonsense are you on chic. But when I spoke with one of my clients at that time I was doing fitness training and I spoke to one of my clients that was in Jamaica or that was from Jamaica and she said all that circumcision stuff that is you Americans, we do not do that to our children, we do not do that to our men. We do not have this conversation. When she said that to me it set in my head that I was not already feeling comfortable with the idea of looking at my son and sort of saying that there is something wrong with you, so we must fix you. You know I was already uncomfortable with that thought. But once she said that that was like an American thing it set it for me like that is it we are not going forward with it.

Angela Moore: Being another black woman as well I knew that it was pure tradition out of this is what we have done in our family with our son and this is what my husband has done in their family. And for me I am not a certified lactation consultant because breastfeeding was not a problem with my sisters and their sons. The two were never put side by side because breastfeeding is extremely important things for me it was one of those things on, when me and my husband took Bradley classes and at the end they were like what do you want to talk about breastfeeding because that was like the number one as far as the parent being a parent that was a huge thing to me is that I wanted to breastfeed. I feel like if I would have thought to my core like an absolutely believe that I getting my son circumcised was going to potentially ruin the chances of me breastfeeding. I probably would have then thought differently about it but just like Miranda experience is different. Mine was different than hers. So there was no reason for me to feel that way I believe that way in for me it did not affect how my children were nursed or the success of my breastfeeding because I felt they nursed the same way a couple of days they were still intact they nursed the same way right after I got them back.
So for me I feel like if I had experienced something different maybe I would have thought differently about circumcision but I did not experience anything different so me circumcised, that was not taken off the table.

Sunny Gault: You know I had not heard of it either honestly and I do this types of show all the time and even in talking and doing specific shows on circumcision, I do not think breastfeeding was ever really brought up. I thought breastfeeding could really help because I think of you know I would like to breastfeed my babies and obviously when they are brand new babies. But as a comfort, they want to be near me and it is a great way not only in providing them with nourishment that I can comfort them. I am a big advocate of breastfeeding through shots? We vaccinate our kids, I know that is another hot one topic but I always like to be breastfeeding them while they are getting a shot it just happens. I feel like it helps them and so I would have thought if this topic had been presented before I circumcise my boys or m our conversation missed I would have probably have said what can breastfeeding help with that.

Because it is a sense of comfort, they have to latch, they cannot be in so much pain that they are not latching obviously that would be an issue. But I would almost say that it could enhance it. Because if they need you more and they are suckling more as in that increasing milk production and increasing the bond between Mom and baby. You know there is a couple of points that I wanted to bring up here as we kind of wrap up our conversation. We have said this earlier but we just want to reiterate that why this is so difficult is because if you knew in advance that your baby was not going to have any issues with this and you were not going to have issues with milk production and stuff. To Angels point, you know she kind of had experience with not having any issues and not even relating a circumcision to breastfeeding and so it is just one of those things you do not know how your baby is going to react. And I think that is why it is good we talk about this kind of stuff so that parents are informed. I think part of this kind of boils down and I would like to get everyone's feedback on this. Just how resilient is your baby.

Angela Moore: To a certain point of how resilient is your child, it is also where you at are? As far as like the mom. Is this something that you have done before, because with my smaller twin, he had a hard time latching? And I think if we were both confused it would have even been longer for me to get him to be able to latch when we started out. But because I was so already used to it, I had to block out all the nurses who would give me advice. Even the lactation consultant because I knew I would trust my instincts on how to get him to latch properly. So I feel like there are other pieces that play into this outside of just did you get your child circumcised and what could happen because if the Mom is more experienced it could possibly go better for her whether or if the mom has really no idea of what she is doing. The circumcision could make everything a lot worse.

Moon: You know what May actually had an article and I want to see if I could find it and send it to you Sunny. That was written about 5 years ago when I was pregnant with my son about how there is a trust factor when children are born. That they automatically trust their moms and that is lost in some children when they going through circumcision. So you can have as much experience as you want but if this child has a low pain thresh hold. And they are realizing that am in pain, I am isolated am away from Mom, I cannot smell her I cannot hear her, I cannot do any of this things and now all of a sudden she is back. It is like you let me deal with this, you allowed this to happen to me and that kind of thought process in a child would affect breastfeeding no matter how much experience Mom has.

Miranda: And it does not just end there, they are going to grow up and they are going to question and that is what we are going to see today. Men do complain.

Moon: Absolutely. They are tons of them, they are tons of men out there who are circumcised now that have always had trust issues with their mothers and they did not know why they talk about these things. They do not know why they did not trust their Moms and they are linking those things back to the whole circumcision part of things and when you talk to Mom it is like we did have a few issues with breastfeeding or we did have a few issues when they got older. But they did not link the two together and there finding that link there now.

Sunny Gault: Men that is scary because then I feel like there is a lot of pressure, I feel like that puts, am not talking just about circumcision but I feel that puts a lot of pressure on Moms in general to my gosh if I make any quote on quote mistake in life, it is going to totally . . .

Angela Moore: The pressure that Sonny has talked about, I personally do not prescribe to that. I do not prescribe to someone telling me that if I do something in a moment in the first couple days of my son that I have altered his entire life to a point that when he is 25 years old that he is looking at me like how could you have put this on me when I was a baby. I personally do not prescribe to that, because if I did prescribe to that you are right I would not be circumcising my son if I felt that way or if I believed the, because the thing is that science in the life I have been in keep changing because one minute you are supposed to do something as a Mom and the next minute you are supposed to do something else.

Like the things my Mother did to raise me are no longer good compared to what people are saying we are supposed to do now? So I personally cannot put, I do not put my trust in a bunch of this is what the evidence is showing now because in 10 years. When my, or not 10 years, hopefully my son is not having children when he is 16. In 20 years when my child is having children, I do not know what the evidence is going to say then either. So for me I am a very much so I trust my gut as a mother. Try not to put pressure of what certain evidence or whatever is saying I try to make sure that whatever I do that I can stand firmly in it and say I feel okay with my decision. And I think that is what, for any woman so I think the blog that you wrote Miranda is wonderful because I feel like women should know both sides of it so that, because once it is done it cannot be undone. So if you are somebody that is just like am not sure they need to know this stuff that it could affect your breastfeeding because once they are circumcised they cannot be uncircumcised.

Sunny Gault: Well we have to wrap up our conversation but I certainly appreciate everyone’s input today I think you guys brought out some very valid points. Again am glad that we are talking about this am glad we are getting the word out there and will include some really good resources for you guys if you want to learn more about, dive in a little more into Miranda’s article. You can certainly do that. So we will post that on the episode page for pour website. If you are a member of the boob group club then be sure to check out our bonus content for this episode we will be discussing how Moms who pump breast milk for their babies can be impacted by circumcision. I know we have been talking about breastfeeding mainly but for those pumping moms what can they expect. For more information about our club you can visit our website at

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SUNNY GAULT: Alright so before we wrap up our show today we do have a “Mamma Hack”, this is a segment that we do on the show where Moms can submit their favorite breastfeeding and pumping hacks. Things that make the whole experience just a little bit easier on them and a little bit more enjoyable. And this is a partnership that we have with the “Smart Mom” app. So if you have it check out smart Mom, Please do so it is a free app.Am actually on it and I love to post things, so basically if you are not familiar with it, itis kind of like a forum that Moms can be part of. Moms post different questions, it could be things related to pregnancy or breastfeeding or just parenting. And then other Moms can comment on it and share their own personal experiences and when you do comment you are rewarded for those comments and you can win prices and things of that sort. So it is really fun if you would like to help out other parents and also get some inputs on some things that you are currently dealing with. So be sure to check it out. So we posted this question to the Smart Mom App and this is what Lauren, Lauren M, she shared a Mamma hack and this is what she says, as far as what her hack is, she says, “Get a breast pumping bra it will make life so much easier for pumping and you can just put in the breast pump and you have two hands free to do other things with”. Just wanted to toss is out there to our Moms and even to Miranda any experience with pumping bras? Breast pumping bras; was it helpful for you in your pumping journey?

Miranda: I was way too cheap to buy one of those, you can just buy a sports bra and take one of your sports bras and cut a little hole in it, there you go.

Sunny Gault: There you go, that could work as well. Angel what do you think?

Angela Moore: I lived by them, I would stay busy. So there was no way I would hand express before I would hold a pump to my chest. So yes! Nursing bras are the best.

Sunny Gault: And Moon any experience with pumping?

Moon: Yes, I’m definitely with Miranda not buying a special bra it cost too much I guess an old bra cut a hole in it and I would actually be at work with my poncho on and my pump in, attached to my bra and I would pump at work and I just finish working.

Sunny Gault: Well the point is, you need to have your hands free. Why hold a pump there. So however you guys want to get creative if you want to tell us how creative you get will certainly share that in our show. So thanks for your input ladies, this was a fun one.
That wraps up our show for today. We appreciate you listening to The Boob Group.
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