Celebrities and Twins

It seems like every week there is a new announcement about a celebrity having twins. And it’s always pictured as a fun, glamorous event. They make it look so easy! So, why are so many celebrities having twins? How does celebrity life with twins differ from real life? And how does this fascination with twins impact families of multiples who aren't in the spotlight?

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Episode Transcript

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 0:02
It seems like every week there's a new announcement about a celebrity having twins. And it's always pictured as fun, glamorous events. They make it look so easy. So how do they do it? Today, we're talking about celebrities and twins. The real story. This is Twin Talks. The ultrasound shows your babies to be healthy.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 0:19
Welcome to twin talks. Twin Talks is your weekly online on-the-go support group for expecting and new parents of twins. I'm your host, Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald, we've got a great show for you today. So you know sometimes we talk about more serious topics like medical issues or parenting challenges. But today, we are going to have some fun. So with that, I would like to introduce our team here. So here's Sunny, our producer, to tell us more about how you can get involved with our show.

Sunny Gault 1:15
Awesome. Thanks, Christine. Well, you guys, if you haven't already, be sure to visit our website at https://newmommymedia.com. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter that is going to keep you updated on all the episodes for twin talks that we release week after week. We also have some other podcasts that might interest you. And so this is a great way to stay updated. also hit that subscribe button. So twin talks is all around the internet. I know you guys are finding us in a bunch of different places. But if you hit that subscribe button that ensures you don't miss an episode as well. And if you're looking to get more involved with our show, we do have a membership club. It's called Mighty Moms. And that's where we chat more about the topics that are discussed here on the show. It's a great opportunity to meet other moms in your area, and just connect because we all need to connect we all need to get out of the house, we need to get connected, just you know be with other people besides our twins. So this is an easy way to learn more about our recordings as well. So if you're listening, you're like, Oh, I'd really like to join an episode of Twin Talks in the future. Well, make sure you join mighty moms. That's where we talk about this kind of stuff, and you'll be able to join us live. So there you go.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 2:21
Okay, well, hey, let's introduce everybody who's with us today. So I'll just start with myself. So I'm Christine. I've got two, two obviously identical twin girls, and you know, they're getting old. They're 12 years old. Oh my gosh. So we're in the teen phase. So it's I'll just say life is changed. And I've got a singleton another girl and she is nine years old. And I know it's fun. I mean, they can be glamorous at times my twin girls are starting to get into makeup. And so yes, they're experimenting and so yes, we even though we limit social media, they like to, you know, try to look like a celebrity sometimes. becomes really fun.

Sunny Gault 3:05
It totally fits in with our episode today. Actually.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 3:07
Yes, it does. It does. It does. So I wanted to just also our panelists, so our guest, Caroline, tell us a little bit about your family.

Caroline Hershey 3:16
Hey, yeah, thanks for having me. My name is Caroline Hershey. I have boy-girl twins who just turned one in August. We live in New York City. And I just started a blog dedicated to traveling with kids kind of tips and tricks, everything based on are pretty ambitious travel that we did recently. My blog is called "Jet with a Set" and, pun unintended. So yeah, I'm just excited to you know, connect with other twin moms. And yeah, I can't believe I am a twin mom. I never thought it would happen to me, but...

Sunny Gault 3:52
I feel like everyone kind of feels that way afterward. They're like wait, what happened? How did this happen? I don't know.

Caroline Hershey 3:58
Yeah. During COVID It was all just a shock.

Sunny Gault 4:02
Oh, yeah, totally.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 4:05
And our other guest... we have Lindsay with us today as well. Tell us about your family.

Lindsay Castiglione 4:10
Hi there. Yes. Thank you for having me on the show. My name is Lindsay Castiglione. I am a mother of two sets of twins. I have an identical boy set who are 10. So we're getting toward that tween phase as well. And I also have a boy-girl set who are eight so they're 25 months apart. So we almost had for under two. We just missed it. But I own a prenatal multiples education business called Full Hearts Collaborative. I'm also an IBCLC who specializes in multiples and I do lots of online virtual support and online classes.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 4:48
Oh, that is awesome. I know you've got a lot of great experience under your belt both. Very practical. And Sunny, okay and why tell us about your whole family.

Sunny Gault 5:01
Yeah, yeah totally. Well, I was listening to Lindsay and I was like, Well, I at one point, I had four kids ages three and a half and under. But I was like, that's, that's not quite the same thing. And I didn't have I didn't have two sets I had. Well, I kind of had what do they call that like Irish twins when your kids are so close together that they're not actually twins. So I had two boys, singletons those are my singletons. But I had them first. And they were really close in age. And then about 21? No, 18 months later is when I had my girls. And so all of my kids are a little bit older now. My boys, my oldest just turned 11 Then I have I keep forgetting their ages, guys. It's bad. And then my second son is nine. But my twins my twins are identical girls. And I really turned to Christine when I was pregnant because she had had identicals. And when I found out especially when I found that I was having identical girls, I was like okay, Christine dish, tell me tell me what it's like twins and the raised twins. But now they just they just turned eight. So we just had a huge summer party for them. Complete with a lot of other eight year old girls, that was my first experience with all of that. But we're having fun, you know, I'm still learning every day. Like I keep thinking we get I'm gonna get the hang of this twin thing. And every day they surprise me. Right. So....

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 6:31
Go around a new corner. Yeah.

Sunny Gault 6:32
Right. I know.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 6:38
We are here today with our team a real deal twin mamas who know what it's like to have twins and we're talking about celebrity life twins versus real-life twins. Okay, so a little bit of a difference, right? Yeah, totally. So every time I pick up, you know, like a magazine and Okay, most of it for me. It's, it's mostly when I go get my hair done. And I'm in the salon and you know, I get the people or the Us Weekly the, you know, the gossip magazines. And it's always it's like the front cover. And you see, like, you know, a twin mom dressed to the nines, and she's got her twins in tow or the big announcement. And she's like, you know, got some gorgeous outfit on. And I'm like, I was like, no, wait, there's, there's a problem here. This is this is this is great. It's beautiful. But I'm like, This is not my life. So I just see that all the time. So what I mean, what's up with that? What do you guys think?

Caroline Hershey 7:30
I think Beyonce stands out to me, because she's obviously just a goddess. So I feel like when I first found out that I was expecting twins, which was completely just spontaneous, you know, there are no twins in my family or anything. The first thing I thought was, oh, I'm definitely going to do you know, the famous Beyonce pregnancy photos.

Sunny Gault 7:51
With all the flowers, and everything.

Caroline Hershey 7:53
Yes. The flower crown and everything. And my best friend, she was like already about to order everything. And then I just went into premature labor, which is obviously common with twin so I didn't even have time to do that photoshoot. But, I mean, that's just for me. That's a perfect example of how, you know, glamorize the whole pregnancy is. And you know, I think we all know that that's definitely not the case.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 8:15
No, it's you know, it's interesting. I think that's so cool. You're actually going to do the like the glamorous photoshoot, because I know like so many of us feel like we're just so huge. That we're like, like, how can...

Sunny Gault 8:26
Like physically, we're just huge. Yeah.

Caroline Hershey 8:30
I think I started you know, I started planning it before I was, you know, really feeling bad. But in the beginning, it sounded fun.

Sunny Gault 8:39
Well, and I feel like this even starts before they, you know, even announced that they have twins. Like, I can't tell you how many headlines I saw over Jennifer Aniston about Will she get pregnant with twins? It's like, she's not even. She's not even seen, anybody? Like, what where does this even come from? Do you know what I mean? Like they make these predictions and get our heads going. like wouldn't it be cool if Jennifer Jennifer Aniston had twins, and but it starts before there's even an inkling of, you know, her being with anybody.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 9:11
No, I'm with you. t's funny because I sometimes I think that in the celebrity world, it's kind of like twins are sort of the accessory, you know, right? It's just you know, and if you know, and if you have like identical, like, you know, like, then the whole matching thing is, you know, people are obsessed with that. So it's like, it's the ultimate obsessed, you know, accessory. You know, it's better than having the dog in the purse. You can have a boy/girl or get a girl/girl twins to match you. Right, the mini me's.

Caroline Hershey 9:40
Totally. And it seems so efficient. Oh, you get to just be pregnant once but have to. And then you can you know, get your body back and move on. So I think that definitely leads to that like glamorization element of having twins is that? Oh, well, sure. Maybe it's hard in the beginning, but you only have to do it once. So yeah, I think it kind of overlooks the realities, as I'm sure we'll get into how it's definitely not a glamorous lifestyle.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 10:07
I pulled up a list of some of the, you know, the current celebrity, you know, couples that we know of who have twins, and it works. And of course, Beyonce definitely comes off, you know, at the top of the list. I mean, we all remember her photoshoot where she was, she looked like the Madonna with flowers and wearing the long robe and right, and that was like the big announcement. George Clooney and Amal, right. Like, and wasn't that like the perfect sort of fairytale. I mean, we're all in love. I mean, we think you know, George Clooney is, you know, gorgeous as an actor, and then his wife is just, oh, you know, drop-dead gorgeous. And then it's like, oh, they get twins, you know, to, to, you know, have the perfect looking family. Right. Oh, Sarah, Jessica Parker. I know, her twins are a little bit older. But you know, so she was like the singing from she's in New York. So I think there were a lot of like, key. Remember photos of her around town where it's like, oh, you know, and then did to celebrities who are normal out and around town. But, you know, normal is like, you know, they're always perfectly put together. Right?

Sunny Gault 11:11
Well, I remember an article was Sarah Jessica Parker. And she was talking about how she doesn't like to do the matchy matchy stuff between her twins, but it should you know, she's all about fashion. I don't know, she is in real life. I guess she is in real life. But you know, she had sex in the city, which was all about fashion, right? So people would naturally because they associate her with that show. They would always be looking at what she of course she was wearing, but also then when she had the twins, what her twins were wearing. And I remember some interviews where she was like, I don't like to do matchy matchy. But you know, she was like talking about color patterns. And I'm like, Who has timed? And that's just it? I don't think they have time either. I mean, it's like the more busy you know, more celebrity issue get, usually the more your schedule fills up, right. She probably has a whole team of people that are dressing her twins are that we're addressing her twins.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 12:00
Oh, completely. Yeah. How about Oh, okay. Mariah Carey. Right. Monroe and I think is a Rocko. What's her?

Sunny Gault 12:10
Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 12:12
Yeah. And they're always like, you know, they're like, matching. And then I think I think the press is probably thinking, Oh, they're gonna have these amazing voices. And yeah.

Sunny Gault 12:23
As if you could just pass that to your child here. There's an amazing voice for you. Yeah, but I do feel for the kids. You know, I really, their parents chose to be in the spotlight, but they didn't you know, and it's hard enough. I would think from a twin standpoint, always getting compared, you know, so not only are you being compared to your sibling, your twin but you're also being compared to your parents. You know what I mean? That's a lot. That's a lot.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 12:53
Oh completely. Yeah. All the expectations are always

Caroline Hershey 12:55
Well, at least they have each other, so that's nice.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 12:57

Sunny Gault 12:58
Hopefully, they get along and they can rely on each other.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 13:01
Couple more. Okay, so we can't ignore the Jolie-Pitt crew that was the twins and I'm completely spacing on their names. What are theJolie-Pitt twins?

Sunny Gault 13:12
Oh geez. See I get them all confused because they had like one or two singletons too biologically right?

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 13:20

Sunny Gault 13:21
And so I get them all confused. There was Shiloh.

Lindsay Castiglione 13:24
Their twins are named Knox and Vivienne.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 13:28
Yes. Okay.

Sunny Gault 13:29
So Shiloh isn't a twin.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 13:30
Okay. Yes. And they're very different. You know, I think that's I guess the one good thing about that twin said is the mom you know, Angelina Jolie encourages her kids to be very different and unique. They are definitely under the spotlight for right. You know, just like the parents and you know, going through the relationship up and downs I think oh my gosh, like Yeah, to your point, Sunny? Like they didn't ask for all the attention.

Sunny Gault 13:56
I know. I didn't realize you have on your list, Kristen Wiig from SNL. I didn't know she had twins.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 14:02
Yeah, let's see her I looked at her. And I think her she went through a surrogate and yeah, I think that's probably why we didn't realize that. Right. Exactly. Yeah. And you know, it's interesting because I have to say that I think that's probably not an option for many of us to have a surrogate pregnancy so most of us are experiencing that ourselves. You know, and so I think that's probably like one of the you know, the differences the celebrities have access to service from the get go and other people helping out in different ways. Including you know, having having that the baby so they don't have to experience you know the joy of twin pregnancy so right i we saw I don't know let's let's go the real-life I mean as twin moms, I mean, we just know it's not as glamorous, you know from the get go and when we make our twin announcement. I mean, we do get right our family and friends and going Oh, yay, you know, twin pregnancy. And you know, you're gonna have twins, and it's gonna be so beautiful. And you know, let's do the twin shower. And it's, you know, they get all these impressions in their mind. But that is not fun if you're getting, you know, sometimes double the hormones, right? Yeah. For each of you, what were your expectations? When you found out that you were having twins, based on maybe your own experience with seeing the twin, you know, twin pregnancies in the news?

Lindsay Castiglione 15:26
Well, we had gone through infertility. So we were thrilled at the beginning, you know, to know that we were getting caught up to for the price of one, which was a fallacy. But I was also immediately super sick. So I wonder how that is for some of the stars, it must be harder to hide it for them, that they're pregnant. And if they're more sick, then they would have been the singleton.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 15:51
Oh, that's right. Yeah, I can imagine if you're, if you're if you're working right, and you're getting pregnant, and you're, you know, not feeling well, and maybe you don't even know you want to hide it. You know, you're just say you're not ready to announce it for the first three months. Right. That would be really hard.

Caroline Hershey 16:07
Yeah, I was definitely shocked. I mean, I found that I was pregnant pretty quickly after I got married in January 2020. So you know, I was excited. But since it was really like the height of COVID, especially in Manhattan, and really not being able to see any like friends or family and truly being in lockdown during, you know, the first and second trimester. I feel like I was super isolated. And you know, getting just a bit nervous seeing you know, everything you do see about, you know, risks of prematurity and everything. And I think I was actually pretty lucky. For most of my pregnancy, I didn't really have, you know, the intense morning sickness, or a lot of the symptoms that I know a lot of other twin moms have. My scare came at the end of the pregnancy, what I just spontaneously went into labor at 26 weeks. But yeah, I feel like just the whole experience is kind of, I didn't really know anyone close to me that had had twins or just unexpected to talk to. So I feel like all the information I was getting was from online, and I think that can be a little bit of a dangerous play.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 17:12
Oh, yeah. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. You know, I can imagine, you know, as a celeb, like we, you know, we went through our pregnancy and we, you know, there's, you know, some ups and downs, but we're able to go through it privately. Right. So I couldn't imagine having to deal with that in public. And, you know, I mean, sometimes Yeah, we have those scares where there's some unexpected things, and then, you know, maybe they have to go out and they're in the public and put on a smile, right?

Sunny Gault 17:38
It makes me wonder, just focusing on celebrities. And I haven't compared the numbers, right. But there's only so many celebrities in the world, there's far more average people like all of us, okay. But isn't it a little strange that there are so many celebrities with twins? Like, you know, I mean, I know, you could, you could, you could opt to have certain hormones or whatever to increase, you're pregnant, you know, make whatever it is, you know, have more eggs fall, or we know what it would be, you know, you can increase that I know, there's medications to be able to do that. But, but it kind of makes me wonder like, you know, why is this happening more with celebrities? Or is it or is it just the appearance? They're in the limelight all the time? You know what I'm saying? Like, something's a little weird there for me.

Lindsay Castiglione 18:30
I always wonder if age has something to do with it.

Caroline Hershey 18:33
I think it's probably just because we just would hear about it, if it's celebrities, so maybe it seems more popular. But I also think, maybe, I mean, besides what we already talked about, with how they're, you know, cute accessories, and all of that. I think, maybe, you know, as you get older, it just seems appealing to you know, have two at once. Not if they go through two separate pregnancies. And then yeah, if you're able to, you know, have help of IVF or surrogacy to have twins. I guess. There are advantages there, but I don't know I think I think it is kind of probably more press-worthy in a way for for a celebrity to announce twins versus the singleton. So maybe that's part of the appeal.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 19:14
Yeah, and you know, also probably, I'm just guessing a lien a lot of the folks we were just looking at, I mean, they were well into their careers. So I'm guessing you know, like age, I'm just looking at their age they were in their 30s 40s Right when they had twins. So as we know, you know, age can be a factor and maybe they you know, whether it's spontaneous or assisted right so maybe you know, maybe that's just the idea that they've they've you know, wanted to have a career first and then like okay, having the having a family was secondary will say maybe not, not an affidavit they want always wanted to have kids, but they were intent on waiting. So the age factors there. I guess we don't see too many young celebrities having twins, right?

Caroline Hershey 20:02
There was that one recently someone who was on The Bachelor I can,

Lindsay Castiglione 20:06
Lauren something...

Sunny Gault 20:09
Was she the main person on the show? Or did she win? Or what was the?

Caroline Hershey 20:17
She? I don't really watch so much. I can't remember. But let me look her husband was I pretty sure he was The Bachelor.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 20:25
So you got like, the double glamour of like, a bachelor

Caroline Hershey 20:28
I might be getting this wrong? Yeah.

Sunny Gault 20:31
You get a bachelor and a set of twins.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 20:35
So yeah, though, that'll that'll make the Yeah, the news for a while that'll, and then they'll be hope, like, oh, they'll play it out. Like, you know, the dad is such a heartthrob. And, you know, maybe the baby. So will they walk in their dad's footsteps?

Sunny Gault 20:49
Yeah, so there's a lot of celebrity gossip to talk about, you know, and the more you know, they obviously want celebrities to be trendsetters. They want them to be influencers, whether they're selling, you know, someone's jacket, or new purse or whatever. So I also think that they make more out of this because they, it was kind of like what you said earlier, Christine, as celebrities, they're just like us. I mean, I know that that they say that sometimes in magazines, but I also don't I also think that they don't want us to think celebrities are like us, they want celebrities to kind of be a couple steps away something we're always after. Like, we're always trying to get to that level, you know, I'm saying because that's who an influencer is. Right? So if you've got the latest perfume, the latest this, like you want to, you know, you want to whatever go after something that isn't quite at your level, so to speak. I don't necessarily agree with all this, but I'm just saying kind of the mentality of managers and stuff like that. They don't really want them to be on the same level with us. Because then they they're not really influencers. And that's really their job.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 21:53
Oh, yeah. And you know, I have to say, and using kind of the Beyonce example, I mean, I didn't they do these clothing lines, right? When that when the twins were born, they they patented, I think they like it wasn't just copyright like they patented or copyrighted their names and then they introduced like whole, like, licensed like lines. So it was sort of like, oh, well, now we can you know, because the twins are so cute. We can sell clothes and I don't know, like, branded stuff.

Sunny Gault 22:23
But they are a brand.

Lindsay Castiglione 22:24
I always wonder if they're like sitting in a boardroom somewhere before the baby comes.

Caroline Hershey 22:29
Yeah, like so many I know of going back to this bachelor example. Her name's Lauren, she has a separate account now just for the twins and it has over 300,000 followers. And she's you know, constantly posting them in different outfits. And, you know, the brands are sending her stuff and so Right, totally a good marketing opportunity.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 22:48
What do they say everyone thinks that you know, kids and animals are getting you know, go get your attention, so why not have you know, a perfect set of, you know, kids Yeah, right.

Caroline Hershey 22:57
It is true. Yeah. It's kind of like sex sells, but it's like twin sells.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 23:01
Yeah. Well, we're gonna take a break. And when we come back, we're going to continue our discussion and talk about what it might be like to live in the limelight all the time with twins.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 23:19
Well, welcome back. We are having fun with our panel of twin mamas and we're all talking about how life of celebrity twin families is different than real life. I remember when my girls were really little and just trying to get out of the house. And then you know, going to target so I could have a frappuccino.

Sunny Gault 23:41
Right? The little things in life, Christine, it's the little things.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 23:44
I mean, it took a lot of effort and energy, but then, you know, you see these pictures of the celebrities and they're out, you know, striding along and you know, they're dressed to the nines and like, how does that happen? I think I have read that. Like, you know, the I don't think you'd like me, maybe the Jolie Pitt family, but they think they do have stylist like the mom would have a stylist and then I think they have like the nannies are within their job responsibilities. They're supposed to dress the kids, the moms have sometimes depending on the celebrity, they have their list of the things that they you know, they like and they don't like because, you know, they want their kids to be seen very fashionable. And so they tell their nanny, like they, you know, they tell them oh, I want this kind of outfit or you know, for this occasion, and then the nannies have to be sort of this you know, like a mini stylist. To make sure the kid is like really presentable.

Sunny Gault 24:43
Yeah, that's an interesting job description...must be able to take care of kids be able to match things well and be a trendsetter. And how do you find somebody like that? I guess maybe if they're younger, they naturally have that kind of background right? more interested in that kind of stuff. Yeah.

Lindsay Castiglione 25:00
I bet they have to sign pretty solid nondisclosures to because imagine like all the stuff they see in the dirt they get, but I'm sure they're not allowed to just turn around and have probably a lot of hotel story.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 25:11
I do know like reading Beyonce and Jay Z, right? They had six nannies six.

Sunny Gault 25:17
What? Yeah. For their twins for their twins

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 25:21
For their twins. Yes. And then they had other nannies for their other kids.

Sunny Gault 25:27
So did the kids ever see their parents? Just wondering, you know, like, I mean, that's like, the whole point of being a parent is to be a parent. Right?

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 25:37
Right. Right. Yeah. No, I guess. So. Their logic was they're gonna get they're gonna have three nannies that each have eight hour shifts for each kid. And so they would just rotate the nannies for each kid. But yeah, I'm which, which makes from from a management standpoint. I mean, I get it that that makes sense. And if you can afford six nannies? Sure. But yeah, like, I don't know, I think I do. I remember those those, you know, time bonding, I, you know, just like we're there. They fall asleep on your chest. And, you know, you're you're trying to sleep when you can? And, like, those were those were really special. And I don't I don't know, do they? Do they get that?

Caroline Hershey 26:16
I think they get that. I mean, obviously we'll never know, because they have to have some privacy, I guess. But I mean, I think it's kind of like a double edged sword. Because it's like, yeah, we expect, oh, you have twins. And you're just gonna go back on tour. Like, what's the point of having kids if you're just going to have all this extra help doing doing all the work. But on the other hand, I feel like, we'd be upset if Beyonce, you know, just retired and became a stay-at-home mom. So I feel like, you know, a lot of these celebrities, they have such amazing careers established and they work nonstop. So I guess they kind of decide for themselves what's going to be their maternity leave, as you as you will, and you know how much time they're going to take off of work. But I don't know, I feel like even even as much help as you can get, there's always things that you're going to have to be there for weather. I don't know whether it's feeding or I'm sure they live in the same house at least or I don't know, unless it's like a separate wing for everyone, but.

Lindsay Castiglione 27:16
Some couples may seem like they are more hands-on than others. So just from our perception of seeing celebrities and their past histories. I don't know, just throwing it out there. I think maybe Sarah Jessica Parker might have been a little more hands-on. I just feel like we saw pictures of her out in the city all the time, herself with the with her twins, versus maybe another couple that's a little less, you don't really see them out altogether.

Sunny Gault 27:46
That's a good point. And I also wonder if it has to do with how much like room people have like even celebrities? Like I know, you get the ladies are in the you know, New York area, like when you get into the big cities and stuff like that. Like you don't know, I don't know, if they have enough room for all of these people in their, in their homes? I don't know, maybe they've got bigger places than I think. But I'm like, maybe that contributes to it too, that you have to do more stuff. Because it's one thing to live in LA and have a house that has, you know, whatever, however many ridiculous amount of square feet, where you can't really do that in New York City. I don't know, I guess they could have the nannies meet them somewhere or whatever. But I agree. I agree. I think there are some celebrities that do seem to be a little bit more hands-on. But then I'm also kind of a pessimist about this. Because I'm like, Are they hands-on? Because the paper is there? Or the magazine? Is there? Or are they hands-on? Because they're good parents? Do you know what I mean? Like the paparazzi follows them wherever they go. And so I just kind of keep that in the back of my head. I'm kind of removed from celebrities. I don't really follow celebrities. I'm not really interested in celebrities, and they have a role to play and kind of like, okay, maybe that's how they are. I hope that's how they are for their kid's sake. But I'm gonna take that with a grain of salt.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 29:05
Oh, man. But no, I'm sure they have their help. So that makes a lot easier now how about childcare in school? So I think I'll just say, I think this is something that it's it just it goes on for years and years. You know, I can you know, for myself, I know, there have been so many times when you know, I'm just trying to juggle schedules, and you know, and if, you know, wanted to have like, you know, a night out like a date night or something and you know, it's like, it all depends on getting a babysitter, right you know, and you know, got your list you go down your list of, you know, who you've had have on-call and then you know depends on their life. I'm just you know, how is it different for celebrity family? I mean, like if they have a full-time nanny or six, right? I mean, that's got to be like so much like they probably don't even they don't think about that at all. I mean, there's there is no struggle, right?

Lindsay Castiglione 30:01
Sounds like utopia.

Sunny Gault 30:07
Well, I mean, in general, it's not like they have to be struggling with some stuff. I mean, even if it's not with the twins, I mean, I really don't envy any kind of celebrity. There's so much other stuff that is probably coming in the way of them truly being happy. You know what I'm saying? Like, when all eyes are on you, it is so uncomfortable for me like I can do it in short spurts. You know, obviously, we've got a podcast and stuff like that where people listen to but always you not being able to, like go out and do normal things without like I said earlier, paparazzi and stuff like that being that has to mess with you on a level that I can't even comprehend. And honestly, if I'm being duly honest, when my kids drive me crazy, that is the time where I don't want any cameras around. You know, what I'm saying is I'm like, Oh, my gosh, if you do this one more time, that is not what I want publicized is to me being a good or bad parent, you know what I mean? So I kind of feel for celebrities, because yeah, they have these nannies. Yeah, they can. But you know, we hear all the time, like money doesn't make you happy. You know, it just it doesn't we see them, we see them at their best. It's kind of like what I feel like social media has done for a lot of us, too, right? We're all putting stuff out there. That is our best. Usually, it's our best. Some people don't do that. But a lot of people still do, right. But it's not necessarily reality. So as looking at these celebrities, it's sad, but I wonder how many of them truly are happy with their situations? I hope that their twins are able to breed them some joy in their crazy lives.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 31:37
Oh, yeah. Yeah. You don't have to say. And Sunny, it's interesting. Like we're talking about like, having, you know, those moments where yeah, you're, you're like yelling at your kids. Like, what were you thinking? Yeah. You know, like, I mean, just the craziness of I'm sure. You know, we all have like, oh, like, how many how many had their, their walls drawn on with markers and you know, everything and you're just like, you're like, you know, you come back to that? Something like, you know, you're just you're just completely frustrated in that moment. Right. And, and that's, it's a private moment, you know, thankfully, you know, let's you have your windows open, and your neighbors can hear you, but are my neighbors my neighbors good?

Caroline Hershey 32:16
Yeah, no, this totally reminds me, actually, I mean, I'm obviously not a celebrity. So I can't imagine how much worse it would have been. But just being in the airport, which is already such kind of a crowded, stressful environment. And especially when you have the double stroller, people, you know, are always looking like... Oh, my God, twins. And everyone always wants to start a conversation about twins that they know, and that whole thing, but just kind of being in those moments where you're trying to stay on the schedule, and you're carrying the bags, and you know, you're trying to change diapers on the go, and maybe you have to start feeding them. Like my husband was dealing with this huge issue we had with the airline. They had actually booked us triplets. We had three children under the reservation. And then it was a whole process to try to delete one of them. So we're basically standing there holding up this huge line. In the airport. Everyone's just completely staring at us in this like...

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 33:07
The evil eye.

Caroline Hershey 33:09
Yeah, the evil eye like what are you doing? Like why are you even like traveling with his babies? Like you're insane. So yeah, I can't just as you know, an average person doing this and just the amount of like stares and attention and everyone trying to see if you need help or not offering to help you. At some points. I honestly just throw a giant blanket over the stroller just because I'm like, Just nothing to see here. I just not in the mood like I just don't want to talk. Yes, they're twins. So yeah, I can't imagine just you know, being well, I guess if you're a celebrity, you're probably not flying commercial. So you might not have this problem. They probably have like a private plane. But I think yeah, there's just so many situations just being out and about where you're just trying to you know, walk somewhere and it just kind of creates like a bit of a swarm sometimes.

Lindsay Castiglione 33:58
Have any of you seen that the photo of Kate Middleton when she's reprimanding one of her children and she has like that whisper scream phase. Like you could tell she's like, yelling but behind bared teeth almost. I always worry about that like out in public so I can only imagine how that would be first. Get that picture taken?

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 34:19
The whisper scream... okay, yeah. You're coming here right now. Yeah, exactly. So that wraps up our show for today and we appreciate you listening to twin talks. Don't forget to check out our sister show Preggie Pals for expecting parents and our show The Boob Group for moms who breastfeed their babies, Parent Savers, your parenting resource on the go, and Newbies for new moms during the first year. This is Twin Talks- parenting times two!

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