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Review My Product

Approved! New Mommy Media Product ReviewsNew Mommy Media is dedicated to promoting companies, products and services working to improve the lives of new and expecting parents. As part of our advertising options, we offer paid reviews as a way for you to promote your products to our listeners. If you are interested in our app reviews, please submit here.

Our written product reviews are $50 each, or you can upgrade to a video review and receive both for $150. In addition, we'll need you to send three products directly to our parent testers. Our parents will test and review your product and we'll provide you with their written reviews as well as their star rating.

If your product receives an average of four out of five stars, we'll release the review on our website, we'll promote it on our social networking channels and you'll receive our New Mommy Media “official” seal of approval. If your product does not receive at least four stars, we will still send you the reviews so you can benefit from the feedback.

If you would like our parents to review your product, please complete our online application form, and we'll be in touch with you shortly. Thanks!

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