Jules Maas


Jules Maas is mother to 5 year old triplet girls in Seattle, WA. In her ‘free time' she blogs at Massive Miracle, works as a freelance web designer and helps provide support for multiple parents as a former President (and current member) of Valley Mothers of Multiples Club, and Webmaster for the Northwest Association of Mothers of Twins Clubs.

Episodes for this parent

  • Teaching Your Kids to Respond to Twin Questions

    You’ve heard all the standard comments about twins: “Are they twins? Are they identical? Are they natural? Who was born first?” And you’ve come up with answers to those questions. But what about your kids? How do they respond? Have you talked to your twins about how to address these questions from complete strangers?

  • Sleep Training Your Twins

    Needing a full night of quality sleep? This is literally a dream come true for many twin parents. But how do you make it happen? You may have read or heard about sleep training. What exactly is it? What are your options? And does it really work for twins and triplets, or just singletons? Parents of multiples share what works best for them!

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