Angel Moore


I am a mother of three boys, Marcus II (6 years old) and twins Sai & Kai (10 month old). I am an actress, YouTuber, comedian, public speaker, and host. I love talking about motherhood and empowering women while also entertaining people and making them laugh. I am also a wife and recently started a podcast with my husband Marcus entitled “Is This Going To Cause An Argument.”

Episodes for this parent

  • Body Image and Breastfeeding

    We spend about nine months growing a baby, and after our babies are born, our bodies create breast milk (the most nutritious food possible) to help them grow and keep them healthy. Our bodies are truly amazing, and still many of us don’t view them that way. And how can these negative feelings impact our breastfeeding goals?

  • Twin Baby Names: Dos and Don’ts

    Having trouble finding the perfect baby names for your twins? That’s because there’s double the pressure to get it right! What’s trending right now with baby names? And what should you consider when making this big decision?

  • Tips for Feeding Your Messy Toddler Twins

    Twice the fun and twice the mess (usually)! If you’re a parent of toddler twins, it’s hard to imagine meal time where the majority of the food actually ends up in mouths rather than lying on the floor. So, how do you keep your twinnies from spitting out the food and throwing their bowls, plates and spoons across the room?

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