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05/10/17: Trump Fires James Comey, Russian Diplomat at White House, Recalled Car Stats, College Tuition Prices, and Freaky “Umbilical” Skittles Ad

A big shake-up in Washington after President Trump fires FBI Director James Comey. What does all this mean and what happens next? A new study shows far too many recalled cars are still on the road, $250,000 for a college degree? That’s the price tag at more than 40 schools now. A teen breaks the all-time twitter re-tweet record earning him some chicken nuggets and the freaky new ad skittles made for Mother’s Day. Plus, our segment “Job Boreds” and Mother’s Day deals from Hallmark, 1-800-Flowers and Russell Stover.

05/09/17: Yates Testifies on Russia, Travel Ban Goes to Appeals Court, Spirit Airlines Chaos, Dove Diversity Bottles and Dangerous Cotton Tips

Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates testifies before the Senate on Russia and Michael Flynn, three judges are chosen to hear an appeal to President Trump’s travel ban, chaos erupts after Spirit Airlines cancels flights and the everyday bathroom product that sends 12,500 kids to the ER every year! Plus, special Mother’s Day Deals from Zales, Macy’s and ProFlowers.

05/08/17: France Elects President, Appeals Court Hears Travel Ban Arguments, Yates Testifies on Russian Interference, Facebook Hires More Moderators

France elects a new President, the youngest ever in their history! A Virginia Appeals Court hears oral arguments this morning on President Trump’s second travel ban, Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates testifies about Michael Flynn and possible Russian interference in the Presidential election. And could Facebook be getting safer? That’s the goal of hiring 3,000 more moderators. Plus, our parenting segment “Would You Rather” and Mother’s Day deals from JCPenney, Things Remembered and Kohl’s.

05/05/17: House Repeals ObamaCare, Family Kicked Off Delta Plane, Southwest Airlines Helps Mother, Improving Health in 30 Seconds

Republicans are celebrating a big win today as the House repeals ObamaCare, but much more work needs to be done. A family is kicked off a Delta flight even though they paid for all their tickets, and some good publicity for Southwest Airlines who goes above and beyond to help a mother reunite with her family. Plus, it’s Cinco de Mayo, we have some fun ways to celebrate with your kids and Freebie Fridays from Bath & Body Works, Outback Steakhouse, and Fandango!