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02/24/17: President Trump Speaks at CPAC, Protesters at Dakota Pipeline Camp Arrested, Topless Women in Colorado, and new Facebook Emojis

President Trump addresses conservative organizers and activists this morning at CPAC, the conservative political action committee. The last protesters are removed from the Dakota Access Pipeline Camp, resulting in some arrests. A billboard in North Carolina sparks protest for insulting women, a judge rules everyone can be legally topless in Ft. Collins, Colorado, and new emojis for Facebook! Plus, we’ll reveal what your kids are actually saying in our segment “Suburban Dictionary” and Freebie Fridays from AT&T, Target and Burger King!

02/23/17: US Meets with Mexico, X’s on Facebook, Thieves Steal $90,000 in Diapers, McDonald’s $1 Sodas and Tips for Finding Lost Keys

Key members from the Trump Administration meet with Mexico today to discuss security, drug trafficking and counterterrorism. You may be seeing lots of red X’s on Facebook, find out what it means. Thieves in Rhode Island steal $90,000 worth of diapers, McDonald’s reduces the price of their sodas to get more traffic to their restaurants and some great tips for parents who always seem to lose their keys. Plus it’s Throwback Thursday and we’re sharing our best advice for first-time parents! And Daily Deals from Redbox, and Express.

02/22/17: Pipeline Camp Closes, Transgender Bathroom Changes, Life Expectancy Lowers, Top Sperm Killers and Furry Crocs

Time is up! Protesters at the Dakota Access Pipeline must leave their camp today or face the consequences. The Trump Administration plans to reverse the government’s official stance on transgenders using school bathrooms- learn more about the letter being sent to schools today. Life expectancy in the US drops, and you won’t believe some of the latest culprits proven to lower sperm count! Plus, we’re featuring flexible jobs for parents in our segment “Job Boreds”, and Daily Deals from Petco, QuickBooks and Neiman Marcus.

02/21/17: New National Security Advisor, More “Immigration” Jobs, Jewish Center Threats and the Singing Dentist

President Trump picks an active Army Lt. General as his new National Security Advisor. A proposed Homeland Security Plan could result in 15,000 immigration jobs, increased threats at Jewish Community Centers across the country, and parents admit they could do a better job encouraging healthy eating habits with their kids. And have you heard about the Singing Dentist? We’ve got a sample! Plus, parents compete for prizes in our segment “Would You Rather” and Daily Deals from Pizza Hut, Overstock and Barnes and Noble.

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