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04/26/17: THAAD Missile Defense System, White House Senate Brief, Sanctuary City Lawsuit, Growing Humans in Plastic Bags and Black Ice Cream

THAAD, a US Missile Defense System, makes significant progress, as tensions continue to mount on the Korean peninsula. All 100 senators are invited to a classified meeting today at the White House to discuss North Korea. A District Judge sides with sanctuary cities to stop the Department of Justice from withholding funds. Could we eventually be growing humans in plastic bags, science suggests it’s possible. And black ice-cream could be the summer craze sweeping the country. Plus our segment “My Kid Said What?” and Daily Deals from Macy’s, Babies R Us and Pottery Barn Kids.

04/25/17: North Korea Military Drill, Government Shutdown, Trump Executive Orders, Astronaut Breaks US Record, Man Wins Lottery Twice

The United States pressures North Korea as a US nuclear submarine arrives, raising the stakes even higher. Trump takes border wall funding off the table in hopes of avoiding a government shutdown, a US astronaut breaks a record for the amount of time spent in space. And a man wins thousands of dollars in the lottery- twice! Plus, we’re featuring flexible jobs for parents in our segment “Job Boreds”, and Daily Deals from Petco, Peet’s Coffee and Tea and Crazy 8.

04/24/17: North Korea Tension, Congress Returns from Recess, Healthy Frozen Veggies, Airline Stroller Incident and Black Lives Matter Prom Dress

North Korea threatens to sink the US aircraft carrier headed its way- meanwhile China urges restraint. Congress comes back from its recess in hopes of avoiding a government shutdown. American Airlines faces tough criticism as a flight attendant allegedly grabs a stroller from a mom, hitting her and nearly missed her baby. And a Florida teen wears a “Black Lives Matter” dress to prom that’s going viral. Plus, important stress relievers for busy parents and Daily Deals from Walgreens, Toys R Us and Barnes and Noble.

04/21/17: Officials Visit US Border Cities, DACA Deportation Case, Cord Blood Improves Memory, First-Time Astronaut and Real Flying Cars

Prototypes are coming together for President Trump’s border wall with construction possibly starting this summer. A DREAMer loses his DACA status and is deported back to Mexico, Republicans say they are “very close” to a consensus on health care reform. Research suggest umbilical cord blood can improve your memory, and a German company has made the first flying car, and it’s pretty cool! Plus, learn all about contronyms in our Segment of the Day and Freebie Fridays from Bath & Body Works, Payless and Chili’s!

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